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Watashi wa Shingo

Alt titles: My Name is Shingo

Watashi wa Shingo Cover Image
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Kazuo UMEZU Artist
Kazuo UMEZU Author

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By the mid 23rd century, the foolish decisions of mankind have led to the collapse of Earth's environment; humanity and all life on Earth are extinct. In the hopes of someday restoring the world to what it used to be, man, before being wiped off the face of the planet, built an immense tower. Inside lives Louis, a supercomputer charged with keeping the DNA of all living things safe until a time comes for it to be released and restored. This is his story - a story that spans millions of years and beyond.

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If you like the occasional introspective dialogue from the robot Monroe, please check out the FAR superior, epic, and amazing tale Hotel, narrated by Louis, a supercomputer that tries to save mankind.


Hotel and Shingo are about a hotel and robot who, over time, go beyond that of normal processing and start contemplating existence.  If you like the idea of technology taking on human conscience, then enjoy.