Wandering Son

Alt titles: Hourou Musuko

Vol: 15; Ch: 123
4.344 out of 5 from 267 votes
Rank #404
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Shuichi Nitori is an elementary school boy with a secret: he wishes he were a girl and likes wearing their clothes. With the right outfit and his cute, effeminate looks, he is often able to convince people that he is someone else - or even something else. Unfortunately, although his best friend and object of affection, Takatsuki, accepts him as he is, she does not return Shuichi’s feelings. Moreover, school is an unforgiving place and Shuichi walks a fine line between liberating his true self and being labeled a freak by all his peers...

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Teadesu's avatar by Teadesu on Jul 5, 2010
Score: 9/10

The story revolves around two classmates, a girl who acts more like a boy and a boy, who loves nothing more than dressing up as a girl. Together they play the role of the opposite gender without being found out by others. They make new friends and meet people who are intrigued and people who are disgusted by their gender shifting wishes. But the two cant stop time, and their bodies mature, causing them more... read more

Reat's avatar by Reat on May 21, 2011
Score: 9/10

Wandering Son is a slice of life story about the confusing times teenagers find in relation to themselves and how they compare to others. What makes Wandering Son distinct is that it tackles an issue that rarely sees print - transgender issues. The two main characters both finding themselves confused about why they were not born in the opposite gender - the gender that they feel is what they should be. Where... read more

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