Vinland Saga



Kezmark's avatar By Kezmark on Jun 8, 2010

Well this is sort of a rollercoaster ride, the manga starts great, then it has a bit of a .. well, not bad but worse period and after that it becomes an awesome manga again and just when you think this is going to be amazingly great .. enter farmland, now I understand that character development is important and that you need something like this, but for a manga that is very combat oriented with a norse/viking theme going to life on the farm for 10 chapters now, it's a bit too much, it's slow and annoying at this point and from the way it is going it will probably last for at least another 4-5 chapters ( mind you at the time I'm writing this review I've only read 64 chapters ).

The story is nothing special but it's well written and generally enjoyable, however with the recent turn of events it is difficult to know where this is going, which is not necessarily a bad thing, however it does seem weird to see the entire motivation of the hero up until now being removed.

The art is great, detailed, definitly a good looking manga, although the style doesn't really resemble a manga.

The characters are mostly enjoyable, interesting and generally well made, however there are a few things that bother me and the biggest one is the prince's change, to me it was too sudden and it was not believable, it just felt forced. The second one is more recent and it is the change of the main character, a bit understandable from a certain point of view, but definitely weird, it's unexpected and not in a good way, he's now a polar opposite to what he was and it feels unreal, it doesn't really hold .. it is also bad that it was never really explained how he got to his current location and in his current circumstance, although it's not that hard to imagine how it happened given the recent events, it would not have hurt to be shown.

Overall it is a good manga however, recent chapters are really bad, they are boring, irelevent, they just feel out of place in the manga and if this continues it is really turning in to at most a mediocre manga.

EDIT : Uhm y, small edit here, left the original review and individual grades but am gonna change the overall to 6, too many filler chapters, this entire farm arc has just been going on for too long, almost 3 years of nothing happening in this manga and its just getting old.. really I just can't recommend it to anyone at this point, my advice would be to just wait for 3-4 years and start reading it then if its even still going by that point because the current arc is just padding.

8/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
6/10 overall