Video Girl Ai

Vol: 15; Ch: 131
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Video Girl Ai

Youta "Dateless" Moteuchi doesn't have any luck with girls; he has a crush on Moemi Hayakawa, but his chances are less than zero percent. However, once Youta hears that she's interested in his best friend, he finally gives up on her. On his way back he rents an odd sex video tape from the video store Gokuraku. At home, he plays the tape in his broken VCR when suddenly a beautiful girl named Ai Amano pops out of the TV. She's a Video Girl existing only for him, whose purpose is to hook him up with Moemi. Though, because the VCR was broken, so is she: Ai can love him, too!

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kokuryuu345 Mar 16, 2016
Score 8/10

a Heartwarming/wrenching tale that you will love, for it's charecters, and hate for all the troubles they face. i love the old style art and the story is captivating, every twist ties a new knot in your gutts, and puts a lump in your thoat as you wonder what will happen. read more

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Video Girl AI
  • OVA (6 eps)
  • 1992
Anime Adaptation



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