Velvet Kiss

Vol: 4; Ch: 32
3.81 of 5 from 993 votes
Rank #3,430
Velvet Kiss

Shin’s spirits were soaring after winning the lottery and landing a contract with a famous firm in the same day—not bad for a normally luckless office worker. He quickly plummets back down to earth, however, upon discovering that he’s been saddled with an immense amount of debt. There is, however, one way he can keep his creditors at bay: become “friends” with an enigmatic and alluring girl named Kanoko. The task sounds simple enough at first, but leaves him eating his own words as Kanoko’s selfish demands start to take their toll on him both mentally and physically. Will Shin ever be able to pay his debt off, or will the lust, luxury, and mystery simply overwhelm him??

Source: Project H

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ashman711's avatar
ashman711 Apr 10, 2013
Score 8.5/10

      This is an erotic manga yet I feel obliged to write a review nonetheless. First the story is pretty decent as far as plot synopsises for erotic mangas go. Ordinary salaryman finds himself having an extremely outstanding debt to a major business and in order to be freed from this debt he simply has to be friends with a "certain person", whom he finds to be an extremely... read more

MikeSinner's avatar
MikeSinner Sep 13, 2012
Score 8/10

Seeing as how there's no synopsis or anything,
the stroy starts with a salaryman who seems to have just found his lucky streak, but soon finds the good luck to take a turn for the worse when he finds himself shouldered with a huge debt of 80.000.000 Yen. The company that had got him into the debt though has a strange suggestion for him to freeze his debt on the condition he befriends a certain... read more



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