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Velvet Kiss

Velvet Kiss Cover Image
3.797 out of 5 from 497 votes
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Chihiro HARUMI Artist
Chihiro HARUMI Author

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Title Author Score Date
Velvet Kiss ashman711 8.5/10 Apr 10, 2013
Velvet Kiss MikeSinner 8/10 Sep 13, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
Total zamzamation 124 Nov 12, 2013
Top 20 Favourite Romance Mangas TheOmega 20 Aug 29, 2012
My Top Manga Cevix 10 Feb 21, 2011
Post Name Username Comments Date
My First Blog Post of 2013 KingArthur13th 0 Jan 1, 13
ruukasu is reading Velvet Kiss manga at 28 of 32 chapters
Samwhich rated the Velvet Kiss manga 4/5 stars
Samwhich read Velvet Kiss at 4 of 4 volumes
jojovonjo wants to read Velvet Kiss
Catsy read Velvet Kiss at 4 of 4 volumes

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Nozoki Ana

Nozoki Ana

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Both manga have a similarity, main male character dragged into some weird relationship by force. While in Nozoki Ana main female character forced the main lead to peep on his sexual life by blackmailing him, on the other hand in Velvet Kiss the step mother of the female lead character who pulled the strings to be friend with her daughter only to achieve her greedy objective. But in both story both male and female leads fall in love with eachother eventually. [and both contains sexual scenes.]