Vampire Knight

Vol: 19; Ch: 93
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Vampire Knight

Yuki Cross' earliest memory is of snow and blood - she was attacked by a vampire only to be rescued by another. Ten years later and Yuki has been adopted by the headmaster of the prestigious Cross Academy. This school is unique in that it consists of 2 classes - a Day Class and a Night Class. The Night Class is made up of vampires led by Yuki's rescuer all those years ago, Kaname Kuran. Together with Zero Kiryu, a childhood friend who despises everything to do with vampires since his family was murdered, Yuki must serve as a Guardian of the school to keep the two classes separated. Secrets lie beneath a peaceful exterior and not everything is as it seems, as Yuki learns the truth about Kaname, Zero and her own forgotten past.

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deideiblueeyez's avatar
deideiblueeyez Nov 23, 2014
Score 6.5/10

This is just a review of what I think, so none of that summary stuff, and there are probably going to be spoilers in this so prepare your eyeballs! I have a love/hate relationship with this manga, which I will discuss here, sort of: Art: It is absolutely gorgeous. Just, wow. The eyes are of a style all their own, very large glassy looking mirrors full of color (at least when there are color... read more

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hisarah Jun 1, 2011
Score 10/10

Vampire knight is a fantastic manga and its an anime but the manga is on going but no ones sure if the anime will continue but i here it might be fingers crossed. first off we have yuuki who is in love with kaneme-sempai and then we have hints that zero might be in love with yuuki. Their are twists and turns that make you indulge yourself into this manga you will not, i repeat will not be able to put this one... read more

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