Urusei Yatsura

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Earth is under attack! The powerful, alien Santovasku Empire has returned to the planet to reclaim it as their home world, putting the lives of all mankind at risk. Pulled into the center of the conflict is photographer Tetsuya, a man who inadvertently meets the otherworldly Princess Kahm, deftly avoiding being killed by her! However, Tetsuya’s problems don’t end there; Princess Kahm returns and kidnaps him, forcing him into an out of this world adventure. Her father is hell-bent on destroying all of humanity, but together, the two can do something that may avert the war. That is, if Tetsuya can bring himself to follow through with it!

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bijanabrahim bijanabrahim says...

they both revole around the same theme of a galactice princess falling in love with an ordinary guy and the ensuing chaos that results