Unbalance x 2

Vol: 10; Ch: 82
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A young man finds and returns a lost wallet and cell phone to a beautiful young lady, thus begins the destined relationship between two strangers. Sound typical? Well then, how about making the young lady the young man's future homeroom teacher, and give them both a twisted sense of right and wrong. And just for kicks, let's have the young man help himself to a self proclaimed reward from the lost wallet before returning it... but of course, this scenario wouldn't be complete unless the young lady was very unforgiving when it came to teaching one of her students a lesson on morals.

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JAhU's avatar by JAhU on Jun 23, 2014
Score 8/10

Moved from my blog: Post 1: Here is a summary of what I can tell about Unbalance x 2 based on the first 4 volumes (in case you don't want to read my whole post): Lots of drama Some romance Preety good story and characters Student x teacher relationship Actually serious (the comedy aspect gets really overshadowed by drama) It isn't really a harem series, but more of a love polygon one More drama Even... read more

ashman711's avatar by ashman711 on Dec 25, 2011
Score 8/10

Story: 8 Okay, so I’m going to totally admit that when I read the synopsis, I believed I’d be reading a comedy with more focus on the ecchi side of things. Woman loses her wallet and is promptly returned by a young man only to find he took a trivial amount of money for his reward. Woman demands he pay her back. Later young man finds out this woman is his homeroom teacher and other slightly... read more

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