UFO Princess Valkyrie

Alt titles: Enban Oujo Valkyrie

Vol: 11
2.578 out of 5 from 23 votes
Rank #7,625
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Kazuto Tokino lives his tranquil life attending high school by day and running the family bath house by night; but his peace is all set to change. One fateful day, the Beautiful Princess Valkyrie crashes her spaceship into Kazuto’s public bath, killing the high-schooler outright! In order to revive him, Valkyrie gives the teen half of her soul, with the unfortunate side-effect of reverting the princess back to a child in both body and mind. Now the young Valkyrie is moving in to the bathhouse and, with her brash sister Hydra and over-protective catgirl maid Sanada following close behind, it seems Kazuto’s peaceful life is long behind him…

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