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Tsuki Tsuki!

Tsuki Tsuki! Cover Image
  • Vol: 4+; Ch: 32+
  • 2011 - ?
4.059 out of 5 from 137 votes
Rank #1,390


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Manga Relations

Manga Name Year Relation Type More Info
Tsuki Tsuki! (Light Novel) 2010 TBD
Name Role
Takashi SHIBANIME Artist
Yuujin GOTOU Author

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Manga/Novels with incomplete cast JAhU 17 Apr 5, 2012
My Top Manga Cevix 10 Feb 21, 2011
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Let's learn Japanese with manga JAhU 0 Oct 19, 12
Angrevol removed the Tsuki Tsuki! manga from their manga list
Elementist rated the Tsuki Tsuki! manga 4/5 stars
Elementist is reading Tsuki Tsuki! manga at 32 of ? chapters
Elementist is reading Tsuki Tsuki!
Jorokinxyz is reading Tsuki Tsuki! manga at 32 of ? chapters

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Trinity Seven: 7-Nin no Mahoutsukai

Trinity Seven: 7-Nin no Mahoutsukai
  • Vol: 8+; Ch: 38+
  • 2010 - ?


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If you thought that the protagonist of Tsuki Tsuki! made an unusual and somewhat cool harem lead, than you should give Trinity Seven a try. It's protagonist is also one of those laid back dudes, like the male lead from Tsuki Tsuki!. Trinity Seven is lighter on fanservice in compare to Tsuki Tsuki!, but it's actually more fun in general.