Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

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Oct 3, 2012

This by far is probably one of the best mangas out there that I have ever read. I have never been hooked on a manga for so long and still kept buying the next volume as soon as it came out without taking stopping ever 5 volumes. If you have ever read any of CLAMP's other works you'll sure to be able to enjoy this one.

I have to give it a ten. It's original and fresh. This is the very first manga I have ever read that the story takes place in many different places. The plot seems to be never ending because they have to find Sakura's feathers. But that is what I like about it because I really would hate to see the end of such a great manga.

I give the art a 9. Clamp just has a way with their drawings that I find very unique. It reminds me a little of a duo tema of an amateur and an expert workinbg together. But that's what gives Tsubasa it's charm.

Another 9. I love how we meet new and old characters that are originally from other Clamp works. The main characters fits right in to this story. I would have not chosen any of the other of Clamp characters to play the main roles.

I give this a 10. It has plenty of humor. There is no end to just how funny this manga can be. I just get the biggest kick out of Fai-san and Mokona. And the cliffhangers leave you wondering about the next chapter or volume which leaves much for you to think about what would happen in the next volume.

Overall, it is a 10. Everything ties in just perfectly. The never ending supply of cliffhangers and humor. Also plenty of characters to meet and see. You can not but help to pick up this manga and read it over and over again

10/10 story
9/10 art
9/10 characters
9.3/10 overall
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Jul 24, 2012

If it isn't obvious, CLAMP seems to love their own work. The crossover manga of "Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle" and "XXXHolic" also includes plenty of past works.

Story: Syaoran is good friends with the princess Sakura. However, something crazy happens and Sakura passes out. Syaoran meets the witch Ichihara Yuuko, and she tells him that Sakura has lost her memories. Yuuko will give Syaoran the power to cross worlds and collect these memories, but Sakura will forget her love for Syaoran. Syaoran, desperate, agrees. So now he travels the worlds with the wizard Fai and the samurai Kurogane, who also have made agreements with Yuuko.

CLAMP somehow manages to make each world unique, so the story doesn't get repetitive, but this is obviously a character-driven manga.

Art: Any CLAMP fan will recognize their artwork at first site. The unnaturally long limbs and the like make for an odd-looking manga. I, personally, like CLAMP's style and don't mind the off-putting anatomy, but some may not. Backgrounds for the worlds look detailed, but the level of detail ranges from panel to panel. The chapter pictures are effing gorgeous.

One unfortunate thing is that CLAMP tries to draw blood. Now, I am more than aware how difficult it is to draw blood and characters being cut, but it's a little glaring how unrealistic it looks. It certainly could be worse, but it just looks... weird. But that's kind of CLAMP's art as a whole.

Characters: I said it's a character-driven story. It's a character-driven story.

(This picture should give you a pretty good idea of CLAMP's style.) Characters: Kneeling boy: Syaoran; sitting girl: Sakura; blonde-haired boy: Fai D. Flourite; black-haired boy: Kurogane.

Syaoran: He is willing to do anything (literally. ANYTHING) to save Sakura. His kindness is touching and, I don't want to spoil but, he gets so much better as the story progresses.

Sakura: Despite my automatic hate for anyone with the name "Sakura," I liked her... most of the time. She is pretty useless but tries to be much better than she is, which gets on my nerves. On the other hand, I would love to have her as a friend (am I allowed to say this after calling her annoying?).

Fai D. Flourite (but there are about 762 ways to spell his name): I have no clue WHY, but I loved him from square one. He always had a smile on his face, he was never mad, and he was so funny. But, please, do not make me spoil this... the temptation is too high already... Must. Stop. TYPING.

Kurogane: The polar opposite of Fai, he's rude, tough, and doesn't care much for human life. He is easily angered (which provides the humor aspect of the manga), and his dynamic with Fai is friendship. Unless you're a fujoshi. And I am one. I will stop typing now.

These are the main characters. Of course there are side characters; this isn't a one-shot or anything. There is development and there are backstories, but I do not want to spoil.

Overall: It starts off slow, and you may want to drop it, but keep reading. It really improves. I haven't read many of CLAMP's works. (I've read "Chobits" and I'm reading "XXXHolic." [Edit: I finished "XXXHolic."]) Now, do I recommend this? HELL YEAH!

6.5/10 story
7.5/10 art
9/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Apr 26, 2012

Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicles is a story that chronicles the adventures of Syoaran Li and his comrades, the endless struggle to save what means most to him, and the sacrifices that are made in the process. At first glance, this series can start out to seem like another Light-Hearted Adventure that reaches its finale with no climatic ending. Don't let it decieve you. Once you get deeper into the plot, and increasingly attached to the characters, the whole story takes a dive into the depths of suspense and confusion.

This series struck me at my core, with intense bursts of action, an unexpected flip of light and dark themes, and plenty of insane plot twists to keep you reading until you reach the breathtaking conclusion.


Definitely recommended if you enjoy complicated series, riddled with twists and turns.

And I'd have to say, its one of my all time favorites.  10/10

TAGS: Action, Adventure, Romance, Tragedy, Fantasy


10/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Aug 23, 2010

Story:  I would have given Tsubasa a ten had it made complete sense. However, there were parts that were downright illogical. I know that it wasn’t supposed to be logical but I still don’t accept. Although Mokona from Clamp is probably the only person who fully understands Tsubasa, I loved the story. The beginning was funny and cute with dark undertones. During and after the Tokyo arc, the dark undertones took center stage. Goodbye to the cute days and hello dark and edgy. I think Tsubasa is the very definition of plot twists with things I wouldn’t expect things from a mile away. There is nothing predictable about Tsubasa. There is a little something for everyone from drama, comedy, action and romance. However, the themes are heavy and if you plan on finishing prepare for some heart-wrenching intensity and to have your mind blown. I did stare at the computer screen with my jaw dropped to the ground plenty of times. It is one thrilling ride that I would definitely be willing to take over and over again.

Art:  I am a big lover of Clamp’s work and Tsubasa completely lives up to expectations art wise. The character designs are amazing. They are completely memorable and display emotions so real that you can feel them. I love all the character’s design. The backgrounds are fantastic and so are the movements. Each scene fulfills its purpose. The comedic scenes are funny and the emotional scenes leave you in awe. The cover art and chapter cover are great as well. The characters have incredibly long limbs and the action scenes can be hard to follow but I have little problem with either. ( I always have a hard time with action scenes.) To make this a short story: absolutely beautiful.

Characters:  Tsubasa contains some of the best character development that I have read. Each character contains so much heart and their feelings and pasts are fully fleshed out. They have life and are so memorable that I’ll be thinking about them for a while. All the major characters and even secondary characters have personality and are unique. They don’t blend together and I have no problem telling them apart (however, they do work well together). They are also not cliché characters. I haven’t seen characters like this before. The decisions they make may not always be the best but they are understandable. It’s hard to not fall in love with this cast because I definitely did.

Overall: This was an almost ten if it didn’t confuse me so much. Everything else stops nothing short of fantastic. It’s definitely a more mature read but still completely worth it. It will definitely be another one of Clamp’s work that will be joining my manga collection. 

9/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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Feb 16, 2010

I can't recommend this series enough. Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle is a must-read for any hardcore CLAMP fan. The story, characters, and art are all top-notch. One thing to be noted is that by the time you reach the Acid Tokyo arc, everything gets flipped upside-down. The second half of Tsubasa is an extreme departure from the first; it is no longer a light-hearted nakama adventure story, but something that would be fitting in a seinen manga.

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9.5/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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