Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Vol: 28; Ch: 233
4.374 out of 5 from 2,303 votes
Rank #359
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The power to cross over dimensions is one that is deeply coveted -- a lesson that childhood friends Sakura and Syaoran learn the hard way when an unknown enemy attacks an archaeological dig in their country.  As a result, Sakura's memories are scattered to different dimensions, causing her to fall into a deep sleep.  In order to save Sakura's life, she and Syaoran must journey to various worlds in search of her memories, with the help of fellow travelers, Fai and Kurogane.  But finding Sakura's memories won't be easy, and the price for traveling through time and space is high...

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nasreen10's avatar by nasreen10 on Aug 23, 2010
Score: 9.5/10

Story:  I would have given Tsubasa a ten had it made complete sense. However, there were parts that were downright illogical. I know that it wasn’t supposed to be logical but I still don’t accept. Although Mokona from Clamp is probably the only person who fully understands Tsubasa, I loved the story. The beginning was funny and cute with dark undertones. During and after the Tokyo arc, the... read more

Merryberry's avatar by Merryberry on Feb 15, 2010
Score: 10/10

Intro...Syaoran and Sakura live in Clow Country, a world of sand with mysterious ruins within.  A chance event within causing Sakura to loose her memories in the form of feathers and they are scattered over many different worlds.  Syaoran travel with the aid of Kurogane and Fai to these other worlds in order to find the memories and return them to Sakura.Story: 10I must admit that having not read any... read more

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