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Translucent Cover Image
4.016 out of 5 from 32 votes
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Kazuhiro OKAMOTO Artist
Kazuhiro OKAMOTO Author

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Un-read Seinen Sachi 44 Apr 29, 2011
JollyHimawari is reading Translucent at 1 of 5 volumes
Oaktree013 stalled Translucent manga at 1 of 5 volumes
Oaktree013 stalled Translucent
shealyn wants to read Translucent
tymal wants to read Translucent

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Wandering Son

Wandering Son

Shuichi Nitori is an elementary school boy with a secret: he wishes he were a girl and likes wearing their clothes. With the right outfit and his cute, effeminate looks, he is often able to convince people that he is someone else - or even something else. Unfortunately, although his best friend and object of affection, Takatsuki, accepts him as he is, she does not return Shuichi’s feelings. Moreover, school is an unforgiving place and Shuichi walks a fine line between liberating his true self and being labeled a freak by all his peers...

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Another sensitive slice-of-life series about middle schoolers who feel different from everyone around them. Wandering Son deals with trans* characters, and Translucent is about a girl with the invented 'Translucent Syndrome', which makes parts of her body (and sometimes the entire thing) go completely invisible. Both tackle issues of acceptance, feeling uncomfortable in your own body, self-esteem, and just general problems that middle school students have to deal with.

Additionally, the main characters of both have an adult role model of sorts that has already dealt with similar issues (Translucent has Keiko, who's turned completely and permanently translucent, and Wandering Son has the fully-transitioned Yuki).

The tone, pacing, and general sentiments of both series are extremely similar, so if you enjoyed one, definitely look into the other.