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Train Train

Train Train Cover Image
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Asahi Saruta is a clumsy eighteen year-old with a dream – he plans to become a brilliant train operator. After a successful application, the youthful and cute teen gets assigned to Minami Kitazawa station but while he’s excited at taking the first step in his new career, Asahi soon finds that his new workplace is nothing like he thought it would be. Staffed by a gaggle of gorgeous guys, the employees at Minakita are more like pop stars than station workers and are frequently mobbed by hoards of their fans. Now the hapless Asahi must work alongside an ex-delinquent turned Tokyo U graduate, a crossdressing girl with a fetish for uniforms, a heartthrob actor and a bisexual flirt while attempting to pick up the day-to-day duties. But can he really learn how to “please” the customers and attain his dream job in a station where all ex-employees have gone on to become hosts or entertainers?


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OK, so one series is about crossdressing high school boys, and the other, guys working in a train station. Plot wise, these two share very few similarities, but they're both manga that focus on pretty, idolised guys. They both have a similar style of humour and overall sensibility. If you liked one, you may well enjoy the other.