Tokyo Crazy Paradise

Vol: 19
4.459 out of 5 from 655 votes
Rank #88
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After the death of her parents, Tsukasa turns to her classmate Ryuji, a yakuza boss, for shelter and a job. Ryuji is generally grave, but purposefully indebts Tsukasa to him so that she has to keep working for him, and he can keep his friend near him. Tsukasa is a simple-minded girl who desperately searches for money to pay off her debts to Ryuji. To make money, she takes on suspicious jobs in addition to being Ryuji's bodyguard, but always ends up in trouble. Ryuji and Tsukasa take turns saving each other as they fight together against the spread of dangerous drugs and weaponry that would destroy Tokyo even more than it has already degraded.


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Kyoli's avatar by Kyoli on Sep 26, 2011
Score: 10/10

the story is great you have your romance and plenty of comedic sections and lots of action! this manga pretty much has it all and i highly recemmend it to everyone! read more

Rebkkah's avatar by Rebkkah on May 8, 2013
Score: 10/10

I love this author. The storyline, the art, the characters... I love it all. The only complaint I have is that it ended. I honestly cannot think of a single thing about this manga that I didn't enjoy. I challenge you to find the flaw. Enjoy! read more



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