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Tokyo Crazy Paradise

Tokyo Crazy Paradise Cover Image
4.463 out of 5 from 550 votes
Rank #161

User Stats - Reading

Username Status Vols Ch Rating
5aintdolphin Reading     not rated
acidic Reading     not rated
Aitheria Reading 3   4 star rating
amukid08 Reading 5   5 star rating
angellz Reading 1   3 star rating
AnimeDragons Reading 6   2.5 star rating
animefreak492 Reading     4 star rating
Aureliusfaust Reading     4 star rating
Blink Reading     not rated
bubble80 Reading 15   not rated
buniku Reading     4 star rating
catspaw Reading     5 star rating
CherryNeko Reading 17   not rated
chibifunfun Reading     not rated
cindy1230 Reading 11   not rated
Derptruck Reading     not rated
Displa Reading 19   not rated
DivineMaiden Reading 11   4 star rating
Drahken Reading 1   3 star rating
dukebandit Reading 19   not rated
Edwarda94 Reading 6   3.5 star rating
eignaj Reading 1   4 star rating
f3atherwho Reading     not rated
FairyMary Reading     not rated
FelicitaArcana Reading 4   not rated
grimmzero8 Reading 19   5 star rating
helico23 Reading 3   4 star rating
honeysempai Reading     not rated
jasonsaintjames Reading     4 star rating
jazziz Reading 4   not rated
jencons1 Reading     3.5 star rating
jualseta Reading     not rated
Kaileena Reading 1   not rated
kazk4ever Reading     not rated
kittty120 Reading 5   not rated
KuroVera Reading 1   4 star rating
LeTensai Reading     not rated
Lifedreamerm Reading     4.5 star rating
LittleLostAngel Reading 19   not rated
LuciferNemesis Reading 17   not rated
lunamanzia Reading     not rated
Magea Reading 12   not rated
Medmius Reading     3 star rating
Mewba Reading 1   not rated
midnightfog Reading 3   not rated
mitysan Reading     not rated
Miyoko45 Reading 3   not rated
Mjolnir Reading     not rated
nightgirl167 Reading 14   4.5 star rating
Nourse Reading 6   not rated