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The Story of Saiunkoku

The Story of Saiunkoku Cover Image
4.337 out of 5 from 96 votes
Rank #449

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amaya0013 Reading 1   not rated
angelgidget Reading 2   not rated
Animachan Reading 6   not rated
AnimeDragons Reading     3.5 star rating
AnnaAelfara Reading 3   not rated
Anya01 Reading 4   4 star rating
Aozi Reading     4 star rating
armorschneider Reading     not rated
Aya02 Reading 1   5 star rating
blackfire Reading 5   5 star rating
blackkitsune Reading 1   not rated
BlackySnowie Reading 6   4.5 star rating
bloodydarkwitch Reading     not rated
buwiestormwulf Reading 4   not rated
Canal Reading 3   4 star rating
CopperPayne Reading     not rated
CrayolaOblongata Reading     not rated
curo Reading     not rated
DarkCarmen Reading 2   3.5 star rating
daysie1234 Reading 2   not rated
dokifly Reading 3   3.5 star rating
Drago1274 Reading 9   4 star rating
drwalowaaa Reading 9   not rated
emmie600 Reading 6   4 star rating
Estelle1 Reading     not rated
f3atherwho Reading     not rated
fakeivy Reading     not rated
FieChan Reading 7   not rated
Galadriel Reading 5   5 star rating
GenMartin Reading     not rated
HakuiKitsune Reading     not rated
Hakuouki101 Reading     5 star rating
HappyBunny Reading 7   not rated
HaySol Reading 6   3.5 star rating
hellmelonbread Reading     5 star rating
himekarin Reading 5   5 star rating
hinata7 Reading     not rated
hnougher Reading 6   4 star rating
Honou Reading 1   5 star rating
illyKat Reading     not rated
ILoveDango Reading     5 star rating
Inuyana890 Reading 1   5 star rating
Irekkq Reading     not rated
jdeppfan1103 Reading     not rated
Jeyka Reading 5   4.5 star rating
JoonMyungsoo Reading 5   not rated
kameimori Reading 3   not rated
kanzakihime Reading     not rated
kasuumi Reading 3   4 star rating
katsura12 Reading     not rated