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The One

The One Cover Image
  • Vol: 17+; Ch: 108+
  • 2006 - ?
4.296 out of 5 from 332 votes
Rank #563


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Nicky LEE Artist
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Title Author Score Date
The One HinaXAnyone 8/10 May 20, 2012
The One MageOnx 6.7/10 Nov 11, 2011
List Title Username Entries Date
manga list 3+ YamiRin 2267 Feb 2, 2014
Shoujo Manga Mousekewitz 7 May 7, 2013
My top 3 favorite manhua´s ! HotaruYuki 3 Feb 4, 2013
Vampirella stalled The One at 93 of ? chapters
aqualin wants to read The One
SilverArrow stalled The One at 70 of ? chapters
SauSje rated the The One manga 4/5 stars
SauSje is reading The One manga at 108 of ? chapters

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Skip Beat!

Skip Beat!
  • Vol: 34+; Ch: 211+
  • 2002 - ?

Kyoko moves to the big city with the prince of her dreams Shotaro; he wants to make it big in the entertainment business, so she works hard at many different jobs to support him as he achieves his dream. However, one day, Kyoko accidentally discovers the horrible truth: the love of her life thinks of her as a 'plain and boring woman!' Outraged, Kyoko swears revenge - she will make it even bigger than Shotaro in the entertainment world. The only question is, how will she fulfill her desire?

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The main appeal in these two mangas is that they both delve into worlds the average person would not otherwise experience. "The One" deals with Lele's struggles in the intimidating yet alluring fashion industry while "Skip Beat" explores Kyoko's difficulties in the world of acting.

In retrospect, the former contains a somewhat darker and more mature subject matter. (The mental struggles of death and manipulation faced by Lele, Eros and Angus; as well as implicit sexual content) Nevertheless, both mangas contain instances of comedy, romance and intriguing graphic detail especially in expressing emotions.

In terms of character development, the reader will find that the heroines of both series share a persevering yet naive personality since they are both newcomers to their professions. Lele and Kyoko are both generally open minded, optimistic and stubborn to succeed. Regarding their male counterparts, there is a striking similarity between Tsuruga Ren the mysterious, cold and yet kind love interest, and Eros; and Fuwa Shou and Angus, famous flirts.


Both of these manga feature strong, fierce, and determined young women that are also very comical.  The target of their romances also seem the same and at first both women think of the men as tyrants when they first meet them but eventually love devolops.  In skip beat Kyoko is trying to climp the latter to reach the top of her acting career while in The One Lele is trying to Become a super model and both also have the intentions of trying to "get back at someone" or "prove they can beat someone" then later motivations change..... both are EXTREMELY awwsome reads if you have read one then you surely have to read the other


they both deal with a young girl whose passion for modeling grows along the way. There's laughter, a destined love, and also heartache. While the protagonists are different--Skip Beat's protagonist can be more terrifying and "plain" while The One's protagonist is more optimistic and "angelic"--you support them through all their heartaches.

Skip Beat! is more for all ages (my youngest brother is reading it) while The One has more mature themes.

If you liked one, YOU WILL LIKE THE OTHER! :)

Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss

Yukari Hayasaka is a serious student who is held to high expectations by her overbearing mother. Excelling at her studies used to be her life's focus until one day she meets a group of fashion students who decide Yukari would be the perfect model for their latest design. While Yukari resists at first, she slowly comes to love this group of people who are living a life so different from her own. She also develops feelings for the lead designer, George Koizumi, and becomes close friends with Miwako Sakurada, her boyfriend Arashi Nagase, and Daisuke "Isabella" Yamamoto. Having these new friends in her life inspires Yukari to stop living her life the way her mother wants; so she strikes out on her own instead, determined to find what will make her happy.

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Both deal with one girl becoming a model (though Lele's story is a bit grander). Both have adult themes such as sex, heartbreak, and growing up. While in Paradis Kiss, the story encompasses the other characters a bit more, both have complex characters that draw you in. The heroines are a bit different in that Lele is emotionally tougher than Yukari, but they both end up more mature than they started. Also, the art in both are AMAZING and kind of similar.


The main leads of both mangas have what it takes to become a model but are hesitant to take up the chance for personal reasons. After encouragement from friends and family, both Yukari of Paradise Kiss and Lele of The One agree to try it out. They are both immediately sucked into the dazzling and beautiful world of modeling and fashion while finding love interests to keep them on their toes. Both Paradise Kiss and The One boast intricate, complex outfits and costumes, three-dimensional characters, and a story that is realistic and satisfying to read.

Love Celeb

Love Celeb

Sixteen-year-old Kirara Nakazono would love nothing more than to be a star actress, but she can't seem to get any gigs that matter. Luckily, her manager Hanamaki knows just the trick: he abandons Kirara in an apartment filled with lecherous producers so she can sleep her way into a role! As she's a virgin, Kirara irritatingly protests, and eventually is allowed to leave by a beautiful and powerful man named Gin with one caveat: he insists that she's his property, and in time he'll be the one to take her virginity. With Gin's blessing Kirara quickly finds herself a rising star, though she has more to handle than just her new career! Gin, her manager and other men can't keep their hands off Kirara; will she succeed in both work and love?

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Love Celeb is very similar to the The one. In the story "The One" you meet  a girl who has goal and will stop at nothing. She has to endure many things for her career, her true love, and will even give up her own pride to save both them. In Love Celeb the character is the same type. She is sweet, has an naive charm, but when it comes to sticking to her goals/dreams nothing can stop her. She feels the same way about her true love. No matter what obstacles get in her way she pushes them aside just like the heroine in "The One".

Never Give Up!

Never Give Up!

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They are both about modeling and both deal with love. though the One is more serious and Never give up also deals with a gender bender situation