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Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

Alt titles: Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Cover Image
  • Vol: 9+; Ch: 59+
  • 2007 - ?
4.224 out of 5 from 343 votes
Rank #792


In the underground village of Jiha where constant digging is needed to survive, hot-blooded Kamina and little "bro" Simon dig towards the surface in search of a new life. Simon and Kamina's world is forever changed when a gigantic monster called a Gunman drops down from the surface world. Along with the monster drops a young girl named Yoko with a big rifle and even bigger... personality. Kamina, Simon and Yoko escape from the beast to find an odd discovery made by Simon - a small Gunman! Simon pilots the machine with the support of Kamina, and after a grand battle, the three defeat the monster and fly up onto the surface. Kamina and Simon find that the world is being terrorized by these Gunmen, and all humans are being forced underground by their pilots - the evil Beastmen. The three set out to carve a path of freedom for humans from the Beastmen's oppression, meeting new enemies and gaining allies along the way.

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Name Role
Kotaro MORI Artist
Kazuki NAKASHIMA Author

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When high school student Ageha Yoshina finds a red calling card in an isolated, ringing pay phone, he believes he's merely stumbled upon the game 'Psyren', a curious urban legend. He initially intends to trade information about Psyren to the world's foremost fortune teller for a famous reward, but after his childhood friend Sakurako – who happened to possess one of the cards – disappears, Ageha rushes into the game's dangerous world to find him. Now trapped in a post-apocalyptic landscape and pursued by Psyren's deranged inhabitants, Ageha must fight to survive and unravel this world's mystery before the game takes his life.

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They are both hardcore shonen concept until they both reach a transition which turns the world in upside down and creates a whole new experiance.