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Apr 4, 2011

Suzuka was very intereting and i could not stop reading. Suzuka is very different from alot of romance mangas. Manga's that have more then 2 busty girls are usually a harem. But, Suzuka was very different from what i had in mind. The main guy Yamato was very in love with Suzuka for most of the part. There were times when i thought it will be like any other manga with busty girls Seo Kuoji proved me wrong. It has a couple moments where i found my self teary and heart-warming. The last couple of chapters were very eye opening and way different from ANY of the manga's i've read. It has a very shocking ending to it in my opinion. If you love reading great romance manga's you have to read Suzuka.

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Dec 11, 2009

Story 10/10

Now I know some of people may ask, "How can you possibly give a romance a 10/10"?  The answer is simple, I could not stop thinking about it for weeks.  It had me thinking about so many things and most of all, I could not stop reading it.  I'm sure you manga addicts out there now what I mean when I say this.  Some manga is just to good to put down, literally.  Well that's the case with Suzaka.  The story is inspiring in that towards the end, no matter how much you hate it, determination comes through.

Suzuka is about your average high school guy who one day moves into a bath house that is owned by his aunt.  On the way to check out his new school, Yamato sees her.  The most pristine, awesome, and beautiful girl he has ever seen.  Love at first site some may say.  When he gets to the bath house/apartment, low and behold, the girl he fell in love with is right next door.  Suzuka is a perfectionist  that thinks really poorly of Yamato and so the rest of the manga continues with Yamato trying everything to be seen in a new light.  But life is not that perfect as we know.  Yamato experiences serious guy problems and another girl gets in the way.  Love polygon and real emotions, this manga is a true romance.

A true jaw-dropping manga.  They story develops fast and is fast pace, no slow dragging just to make it that much longer.  Each chapter some kind of emotion develops and either something good happens or ties break.  It is a real drama, a real romance, and has a real impact on your view of things, well that's how it was for me anyways.  Suzuka leaves a great feeling of accomplishment, and definitely makes you wanting more.  What more can be said besides that it is indisputably a must read manga.  Fun, enjoyable, ecchi and a perfect love triangle.

Art 9.5/10

Something you really can not turn a blind eye to.  Romances in truth do not seem like a guy thing, but a guy cant help to notice this art.  The girls are drawn to perfection.  I especially noticed the ecchi, its more enjoyable when the ecchi is to good to be true.  Some of the pages I even did a double take on, or stared at em thinking, "was this really drawn"?  When you question art on that scale, it does not get any better.  The scenes in the background give a nice feeling to them and once again, character design makes all the difference,  Fortunately, this author drew them amazingly which positive results.

Characters 9.5/10

 3 beautifully developed characters plus friends and what do you get?  An incredible cast with interesting drama.  The characters are incredible different, each with their own personality. 

Yamato, like all guys, cant understand women until the last minute, then its to late.  He causes conflict upon conflict and gets hurt many times.  He is one of those people you root on, you want him to finally get together with someone. He plans everything and tries his best like most guys, but in the end, gets horribly misunderstood and fails.  He tries so hard to be seen in a new, respected light by Suzuka but its always the opposite.  Hes a slow learner yet one cant help but feel for him.

Suzuka is the other girl in this love polygon.  The perfectionist who hates careless, messy guys like Yamato.  She tries with every bit of effort to become greater, move up in life.  That changes after getting to know Yamato.  After living for so long she starts to see him as a different guy.

Horota is every guys dream girl. A girl who has been in love with im since she was young and now is trying to get together.  Shes cute and smart but shy. Desperatly trying to be his boyfriend, distance becomes greater and Yamato is never in reach. 

All these characters are very rounded and dynamic.  Each character changes in the end and they all have their own stories.  Emotion is well displayed from frustration, sadness, jealousy, happiness, to w/e else there is.  Characters are flawless and are as real as a mangaka can make them.

Overall 10/10

Everything comes together in the end.  As hard as it was to read some chapters, either because of embarrassment or you could not believe what just happened, the ending is worth the whole ride there and yes, a ride it is.  With the ecchi, love triangle, comedy and heartbreaks and heartwarming moments, its the one fast paced romance you can not afford to miss.  Overall I have to say it deserves more than 10, it left me with a feeling I cant describe.  Its a manga that you wish were real life I could say.  It leaves an impact different in all of us, but none the less, Suzuka hits where not many manga hit, the heart.

10/10 story
9.5/10 art
9.5/10 characters
10/10 overall