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At twenty-seven years old, Minami has a decent life. She’s a successful employee at a large advertising firm and has a boyfriend of seven years. But when the two break up, Minami finds her once-stable situation crumbling around her. Crushed and withdrawn from being alone, she soon finds herself involved with two men from her company – the likeminded, heartbroken Ogiwara and younger peer Ishida. Through difficult jobs at work, first dates and bitter rivalries, Minami will learn that love is never easy.

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Mari OKAZAKI Artist
Mari OKAZAKI Author

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List Title Username Entries Date
Manga licensed in Poland (random order) Renusek 160 Oct 9, 2011
Manga that I own AirCommodore 58 Sep 6, 2011
poldemar stalled Suppli at 6 of 10 volumes
Leyna is reading Suppli
amandin won't read Suppli
zozol95 dropped Suppli at 1 of 10 volumes
zozol95 stalled Suppli at 1 of 10 volumes

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More josei manga about mid-20s office ladies with extremely stressful jobs, ridiculous co-workers, a bit of romance, and some introspection. 3 AM Dangerous Zone is rather more upbeat, but both will definitely appeal to the same audience.