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4.162 out of 5 from 333 votes
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User Stats - Reading

Username Status Vols Ch Rating
AdiEX Reading 9   not rated
advisercookie Reading 8   not rated
AkilaeTribe Reading 6   not rated
akura1190 Reading 1   not rated
alexbow4 Reading 2   not rated
alxdjo Reading 1   not rated
Angelbee Reading     not rated
aNGeLz Reading 5   5 star rating
animagfreak Reading 7   not rated
AnimeGamer31 Reading 9   5 star rating
AnimesFan Reading 2   5 star rating
Arisa01 Reading 1   not rated
AvalonsAyame Reading 7   not rated
avox167 Reading     not rated
bijanabrahim Reading 6   not rated
blastoise75 Reading 3   4 star rating
CheshireKat Reading     not rated
Christy Reading     not rated
clarence1 Reading     not rated
CocoaGems Reading     not rated
Crystall Reading 5   5 star rating
Cyhidraethe Reading     not rated
danceTOpopcorn Reading 6   not rated
DarkDragon1234 Reading 3   not rated
darkraiders Reading 9   4 star rating
DegasClover Reading 2   4.5 star rating
Detest Reading     not rated
ditto8 Reading     not rated
djakariuz Reading 9   not rated
Doris Reading     4.5 star rating
eaterofsouls Reading     not rated
Elizan Reading     3 star rating
EmiyaShirou Reading 7   3.5 star rating
ExOculusFai Reading 9   3.5 star rating
Feclia Reading 9   not rated
firas333 Reading     not rated
FrozenThunder Reading 9   3 star rating
Geezy Reading     not rated
genlovesnihongo Reading 7   5 star rating
ginandhorse Reading 9   not rated
highestraven Reading     3 star rating
hollow Reading 9   not rated
HomicidalAngel Reading 7   3.5 star rating
Jacy Reading 1   not rated
Jezter Reading     3 star rating
Kainteth Reading     5 star rating
Kakira05 Reading 9   5 star rating
kmergenhagen Reading 5   not rated
Koen199 Reading     4.5 star rating
kofoed Reading 3   not rated