Sunshine Sketch

Alt title: Hidamari Sketch

Vol: 8+; Ch: 128+
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4.124 of 5 from 143 votes
Rank #1,383
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Yamabuki High School attracts many art students due to its special art classes. Among the school's new pupils is Yuno, who dreams of becoming a famous artist. She lives in the nearby apartment complex Hidamari-so, along with the hyperactive classmate Miyako, the weight-obsessed Hiro and the tomboyish Sae. Together, the students live their day to day lives, including investigating the school's bizarre myths and deal with their cosplaying teacher. But whether they are in school, at the apartment or out shopping, working or playing, the four friends always manage to have fun in the process!

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theblip's avatar by theblip on Feb 9, 2011
Score 6/10

Volume One. The first volume was great and all, but I found myself flicking to the back far too much. Understandably this manga is made for the Japanese, there are lots of Japanese jokes and such a thin book has a reasonably large translation page. I always enjoy 4 panelers, and I liked this amount of colour pages used linking to the artistic thought inside the story. The story itself though is what you'd... read more

AmyInWonderland's avatar by AmyInWonderland on Jan 5, 2010
Score 4/10

I read the whole Volume One of Sunshine Sketch, and not once did it make me grin, let alone smile or laugh. Which is a shame because I found the art and the characters to be cute. The characers antics were just stupid and brought out a 'so what?' attitude. Sure, in some of them the characer did something silly, but it wasn't  funny. I read the whole book looking for just one funny panel and I don't... read more

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