Sun-Ken Rock


Custom Lists

  • Aiki
  • Attack on Titan
  • Berserk
  • Broken Blade
  • Feng Shen Ji

Best Bas Ass Mangs/Manhwas by skywalkeriit

Serious stories with bad ass main character and lots of action and superb drawings

  • Sun-Ken Rock

Hardcore Modern Action Manga (Warning graphic Rape Mature material) by Zoriyatsu

This is the very realistic dark manga that has rape as a part of the Material #Things got real.

  • Action Idols: Age of Young Dragons
  • Black Haze
  • Breaker: New Waves
  • By Chance, We... and...
  • Divine Bells

Manhuas by yayel1256

Manhuas that i have liked so far... Note that they are not ordered by preference.