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Sun-Ken Rock

Sun-Ken Rock Cover Image
  • Vol: 17+; Ch: 137+
  • 2006 - ?
4.405 out of 5 from 546 votes
Rank #276


Ken lost his family as a child, and when he confessed to the girl he loved from afar, Yumin, he lost her too in a very different way! For Yumin made her own confession: she's actually Korean, and left for her homeland to become a police officer. One year later, Ken leaves Japan to find his lost love, unintentionally becoming the leader of a brutal Korean gang in the process! It's tough to stay alive in the underworld, but Ken will try his best to keep the peace and rise to power, even though all he wants is a date with the lovely Yumin.

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Manga Relations

Manga Name Year Relation Type More Info
Sun-Ken Rock Gaiden - Yumin 2010 TBD
Yumin ni Gomeshi o Tabe Sasetai 2011 TBD
Name Role
Boichi Artist
Boichi Author

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Sun-Ken Rock MarioSpurs 9/10 Jun 6, 2011
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Favorite Mangas (no order) Taiyoushin 14 Aug 4, 2013
Goodluck Mr Wong Gisor 167 Jun 7, 2013
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Julio 17 2011 AngelChac 0 Jul 17, 11
paisano rated the Sun-Ken Rock manga 3.5/5 stars
glowacz is reading Sun-Ken Rock manga at 135 of ? chapters
Liverdog is reading Sun-Ken Rock manga at 137 of ? chapters
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  • Vol: 31+; Ch: 298+
  • 1998 - ?

After sixteen-year-old Ryo Narushima brutally murders his parents, leaving his sister alive, he finds himself at a juvenile facility where numerous horrors await him. Between getting gang raped and tormented at every turn for his crimes, the boy turns to martial arts, taught by the prisoner Kenji Kurotawa, in order to become stronger. Thus begins Ryo’s quest for power, no matter who tries to get in his way.

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Both these series are dark and take alot of readers out of their comfort zone. Sun-Ken Rock has more of a heroic lead than the Anti-hero in Shamo, but they both have equaly horrific tales. If you liked Shamo then you will most likely enjoy reading Sun-Ken, ecpecially after the 5th volume.

The Breaker

The Breaker
  • Vol: 10; Ch: 72
  • 2007

Shi-Woon is desperate. He's constantly bullied and getting beat up at school by a gang of thugs, and is on the verge of suicide. Sick of being weak and helpless, the boy turns to the only person he knows who can help: Chun-Woo, a powerful martial artist and also his new teacher.  But Chun-Woo won't take Shi-Woon under his wing so easily, and little does the teenager know about how his would-be mentor acquired his fighting talents...

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I'm shure that after reading The Breaker, you will have a hard time finding something with a similar "vibe", plot or ideas. Well if thats the case try Sun-Ken Rock! The whole "feeling" while reading it was exactly the same (well at least for me). The plot and ideas are similar too, the main protoganist is always fighting and facing the hardships of life while trying to protect whats important to him while constantly training ( Or in sun- ken's case trying to become a better boss). 




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Both tales are about a man who is a very powerful & skilled fighter, yet often hides his abilities & pretends to be weak, harmless, and even foolish at times. Also, both series "feel" quite similar.