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Stray Dog

Stray Dog Cover Image
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A wandering thief is counting his spoils when he comes across a military dog - a product of magic and chemistry that was created to have the intelligence of a human and the strength of a dog. Regardless of how badly they are treated, military dogs have the loyalty of man's best friend and will not disobey their master's command. The thief names the being Kilka and she stays by his side from henceforth. Together, the two adventure together and try to tackle the worst circumstances, including bounty hunters out for the thief's two million dollar bounty on his head...


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Name Role
Hiromu ARAKAWA Artist
Hiromu ARAKAWA Author

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Fav. Short Manga RemaSofiRuin 7 Dec 15, 2011
Sofi's Top 10 Favorite Manga RemaSofiRuin 10 Oct 4, 2011
Manga list Monoko 13 Dec 31, 2010
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Hiromu Arakawa CrimsonThunder 0 Aug 10, 11
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Dunsparce rated the Stray Dog manga 3.5/5 stars

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