Stepping on Roses

Alt title: Hadashi de Bara wo Fume


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Desire Manga List!by Hestia19

Little bit more won't hurt...

No, you didn' N1N1

Apparently inoffensive or cute manga that turns out to be/have a dark/tragic/thrilling plot that gives you chills.

Stalled Manga that are Completedby deideiblueeyez

Manga I've stalled that I should finish because updates are not a problem anymore (-_-)

Favorite Favorites (Manga)by kristenmichella

My Favorite Favorites! Not in order but Red River, Moe Kare!!, and Love Celeb are my TOP 3 ♥

Favourite Manga ( Top 21 )by MikaShinigami

In no particular order, except for the first 7.