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S.S. Astro

Alt titles: Kyoukan Astro

S.S. Astro Cover Image
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It's been six years since Izumi Maki graduated from Asahio Integrated Public High School of Tokyo, but now she has returned - this time as a Homeroom and P.E. teacher! She, along with her old school friends Yuko Nagumo (the gluttonous Japanese teacher) and Arai Setsuna (the sadistic nursing teacher) make up the newest members of the school's staff. Life as a teacher isn't always easy for Maki, what with all those pupil's names to remember, all those tests to grade, and a creepy female backup teacher who, unknown to Maki, has a serious crush on her. Having to live on a shoestring budget doesn't help matters either, but when things get too difficult there's always the option of sneaking a nap in the nurse's office. As long as Arai is in a good mood, that is...

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akameji read S.S. Astro at 1 of 1 volumes
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AkaikeM is reading S.S. Astro at 1 of 1 volumes
AkaikeM is reading S.S. Astro at 1 of 1 volumes

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Both are 4-Koma's about school life; dealing with things and situations that turn out unexpectidally.  I really like 4-Koma's and both are absoluetly halairious