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Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning

Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning Cover Image
4.12 out of 5 from 303 votes
Rank #1,175

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Aean Reading 1   not rated
Aimeka Reading 1   not rated
AlexfanSlayers Reading 4   not rated
amandasoriginal Reading     not rated
amaya0013 Reading 2   4 star rating
animefinder Reading 1   3.5 star rating
AnimeFreakMiva Reading     not rated
Aozi Reading     not rated
Apinys Reading     not rated
Appelsina Reading 12   not rated
arieana Reading     1 star rating
Arisa01 Reading 3   not rated
arrianacorr Reading 4   2 star rating
ATinyStick Reading 1   not rated
Babbo Reading 14   not rated
BansheeGoose Reading 15   5 star rating
BladelessSword Reading 3   not rated
bleachlover20053 Reading 15   not rated
bountyhunter628 Reading 7   4 star rating
bunnymoon Reading 7   4.5 star rating
byayoi Reading 6   3 star rating
charyn Reading 15   not rated
Chiara Reading 5   4.5 star rating
cloudyfate Reading 15   3.5 star rating
Commusen Reading     not rated
conan12 Reading 1   not rated
coolcat Reading 3   not rated
cran Reading 2   not rated
CrazyOtaku Reading 15   not rated
crimsoneyes Reading     not rated
CrimsonTears Reading     not rated
cry8wolf9 Reading     not rated
DarkDragonoftheNever Reading 3   not rated
darkraiders Reading 15   4 star rating
Dearka Reading 1   not rated
DisPower Reading 9   not rated
Djta1 Reading 8   3.5 star rating
DreamingRain Reading 11   5 star rating
dzdawg Reading     not rated
DZiwaQ Reading 10   not rated
EdwardCullen Reading     not rated
ElJoey Reading     not rated
firepong Reading 5   5 star rating
FoF Reading 7   3.5 star rating
Fooosa Reading 3   not rated
Forbid Reading     not rated
FoxyTheFoxer Reading     not rated
Hisae Reading 6   5 star rating
HyperDante Reading 13   not rated
InBetween Reading 15   not rated