Special A

Alt title: S.A.

Vol: 17; Ch: 99
4.2 of 5 from 1,875 votes
Rank #1,078
Special A

Hikari Hanazono has never been able to beat Kei Takishima at anything. At six years old the two were introduced by their fathers, and Hikari promptly challeneged Kei to a wrestling match, believing she'd easily beat him. However, she lost, and since then she's vowed to beat Kei, following him wherever he goes. Now fifteen years old, Hikari attends the super-elite school Hakusenkan where she and Kei are the two top students; Kei holds first place, while Hikari is second. While Hikari considers Kei her special friend and most importantly her rival, Kei is secretly in love with her. Will Hikari ever beat Kei, and Kei's love ever be requited?

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mangaislife Nov 12, 2010
Score 8/10

Premise - There's an advanced academy for a small group of elite students to do whatever they want in. Plot Exposition - Wow, that was fast and wow, this is slow. Protagonist - An inredibly dense character but still likable. Love Interest- Pretty darn interesting and actually has a bit of troubled history, but he's still cheerful and that in a shoujo manga is pretty awesome. Supporting Cast - A supporting... read more

yasmin09's avatar
yasmin09 Jun 8, 2010
Score 6.5/10

Story: #2 Girl in class wants to beat #1 guy in class. The plot was deceptively simple and slightly generic but then again the story does not try to be much more. The story was random, slice-of-life, pretty endearing while remaining fairly humorous and at times unpredictable. It was ridiculous and over-the-top which worked for the most part since it kept the series, which really lacked in substantial plot, from... read more

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