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Beginners' Guide to Action Shounen Mangaby Gileen

Must read manga for any beginning shounen manga aficionados

Should i read it?by Zed60K

the first question that comes to mind whenever i come across a new manga, is whether it's worth the time and effort. so i decided to make spoiler-free list giving my opinion why you should/ shouldn't read it. i hope you find it helpful :)

Licensed in Englishby Yakoz92

List of completed and ongoing manga and light novels that are licensed in English (it can cover US and UK).

manga that need an adaptation/second TheIceQueen

these are manga that need an anime or second anime be cause the first one sucked, or was incomplete. Alphabetical order, i add a description if i feel it's necessary.

My Favourite Mangaby KiwiTaku

List of my favourite manga of all time!

My Favourite Manga/Light Novels (So Far)by Theotakusyko

Just a list of my favourite manga so far haven't read a lot of them but just a decent amount of them. There are some that I am currently reading and some that are being stalled couple series that I'm catching or some that I have catch up to when...

Top Mangaby Lunanix

This is a list of my favorite manga that I have read over the years!

Manga Wish Listby FlyingMintUnicorn

Manga Series That I don't own at the moment but I really want! This includes Manga that I have and haven't read yet! They're ordered in no particular way.