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Solanin Cover Image
  • Vol: 2; Ch: 28
  • 2005
4.465 out of 5 from 411 votes
Rank #151


20-something Meiko Otani is restless, living day to day with a job she hates and an unemployed boyfriend who'd rather be playing in a band. Like others her age, she struggles to find her place in the world and a purpose in life, so in an attempt to make a fresh start, she makes the decision to quit her job. Together with her friends, Meiko will embark on a journey of self discovery to find what will truly make her happy. 

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Inio ASANO Artist
Inio ASANO Author

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Title Author Score Date
Solanin Garyuu 9.7/10 Nov 1, 2009
ThePirateKing wants to read Solanin
alala wants to read Solanin
alv2011 dropped Solanin at 8 of 28 chapters
heaben wants to read Solanin

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Haru, a university student, has just traveled from Tokyo to the countryside for her mother's funeral. And like her mother, she is just as unwelcomed by the townsfolk, presumed to be immoral and even a witch by the local kids. But one young boy, Taro, takes an interest in Haru, and together the two begin a memorable summer together filled with laughter, and even a harrowing adventure, that changes their lives forever.

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Tom Sawyer and Solanin are two very different manga, but the comparisons one can make between them shouldn't be overlooked just because of their contrast. Both are told from the eyes of young 20-somethings that aren't sure what to do with their lives. They both focus on the transition into adulthood that everyone faces at some point and highlights this coming of age with some sort of trauma or tragedy. Both have little humorous details and make the reader feel nostalgic. If you liked one, you should definitely give the other manga a try! Both are relatively short 1 volume reads with gorgeous art.