Slam Dunk

Vol: 31
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Sakuragi Hanamichi is a delinquent who's so unpopular with girls that he's been rejected fifty times. Haruko Akagi is the only girl who isn't scared of him; instead she's impressed with Sakuragi's athleticism and, convinced that he would do well, introduces him to the Shohoko basketball team. Desperate to impress Haruko and believing that she is the girl of his dreams, Sakuragi joins the team in spite of his initial reluctance. Surprisingly, Sakuragi is a natural at the sport regardless of his reputation for being hot-tempered and immature. From now on Sakuragi must work together with his teammates, including his rival Rukawa, to fulfill their captain's dream of winning the national championship. That is, if they have what it takes!

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Lews's avatar by Lews on Nov 14, 2011
Score: 8/10

Plot Sakuragi Hanamichi is one of the greatest failures of love that has ever existed. He has managed to get rejected by fifty girls in a row. But one day, after an especially painfull rejection, he is approached by a mysterious girl who after a quick appraisal determines him to be a fine athlete and wonders if he would like to play basket. Sakuragi falls for the girl within seconds and his fate is... read more

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