Skip Beat!


HinaXAnyone's avatar By on Jul 2, 2011

I started reading this mainly because I needed to balance out all of the drama and shounen mangas I read with some comedy, and this DEFINITELY did the trick! 

Story: It begins as a revenge story and develops into so much more. Even though it still is about getting back at a guy, it also incorporates finding one's true identity after being dependent for so long. It discusses vulnerability and how pain, although no one likes it, is necessary for growth. It is heartwarming and also hilariously comedic. I cannot count how many times I have literally laughed out loud or had to take a moment to recollect myself while reading this. It may not be COMPLETELY realistic, but the emotions behind it are real enough to make a believer out of anyone. 

Art: The artwork is really good for the most part. The flaws only really occur in the males of the serious; sometimes they are drawn disproportionally tall and broad. However, besides that the art is great, ESPECIALLY when Kyouko goes through her "transformations". The clothing and the facial expressions are drawn well and realy capture the essence of each role she takes. 

Characters: So good!!! You will be rooting for the main character the entire way. She isn't perfect either. Most of this manga is about her finding a way to accept love back into her heart, however she is fiery, energetic, strong, and most importantly, the kind of heroine that someone can relate to. The supporting characters are well defined as well, each with their own set of personality quirks that make them fun and refreshing. There may sometimes be a lot of characters and it does sometimes get hard to keep track of, but they are all so fun that this doesn't become an issue.

Overall: A great manga that is doing things right. It is fun and entertaining. It also does go into deeper topics without losing the levity that the story relies on. It is a great read for all times. Definitely one to read!

9/10 story
8/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
Rebkkah's avatar By on May 8, 2013

I love this manga. I love the unique personality of the main character and the fact that she can have such an intense dark side without becoming a dark character. The male leads are wonderful counters to each other and perfect props for the development of Kyouko. Overall, I find the characters in this manga (from the main charaters to the peripheral) to be well though out and satisfying in their roles.

I think the balance between comedy and drama in this story is incredibly well done. The author has managed to make me laugh out loud on one page while making my heart skip on the next. I'm so completely invested in the story that I want to reread it as soon as I finish the most recent chapters. I have never enjoyed a story as much as I have this one and would recommend it to anyone with a pulse.

As for the art, I have always enjoyed the art from this author. It's unique and entirely effective in expressing the story and the characters' emotions. Dramatic on one frame and playful on the next. Love it.

From what I have seen, this manga seems to be becoming somewhat of a movement. Get behind it!

I challenge you find the flaw.

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
10/10 overall
Midcat's avatar By on Sep 3, 2011

I doubt that I will be adding anything new or that hasn't been said about Skip Beat!, but I will say that no matter how much I have searched for something to compare it to, it is just plain impossible!

Skip beat has everything that a blockbuster needs in order to become timeless classic.

The humor is beyond anything I have ever experienced and it just makes reading this manga a treat that I love to sample full on.

Ren is the good guy that is just soooooo goood, it makes all girls swoon for him.

I can place a bet and come out winning that every single female that has read Skip Beat! has wished for her own Ren.

His character is complex and well defined while at the same time he holds an aspect of mystery that still has not been revealed, but leaves you wanting for more.

He is transparent, you can see him clearly and without doubts, but at the same time he holds that miterious past inside that makes you wonder if what you are seeing is really a character acting as an actor... Does that make sense? Believe me, Ren's character is THAT COMPLEX!


10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
musicaficta's avatar By on Jun 4, 2010

There are very few manga that have left me with the kind of painful cramps that come from hysterical laughter.  For my personal comedy tastes, Excel Saga, and 1/2 Prince immediately come to mind.  I also found Perfect Girl Evolution and Rave Master to be an excellent source of laughs.  Perhaps it's just that I enjoy parodies.  And this brings me to Skip Beat! - a manga I'm reviewing because I needed to take a breather from so my ribs don't break.

I won't bore you with the details of what this manga is about.  Rather, think of it as a parody of the entertainment industry.  In some ways, the whole of the story reminds me of a Shakespearian comedy.  As the show goes on, it becomes far more complex.  The characters visibly evolve (and sometimes devolve).  Although some of the story arcs feel a bit contrived, nearly every other page is filled with witticisms and other humor.

~~I particularly enjoy the art.  Nakamura Yoshiki, the mangaka has a certain way with facial expressions...well, you have to look at it to understand.

~~What I like least is Nakamura Yoshiki's tendancy to "forget" about characters for several chapters before reintroducing them.  Again, it's something hard for me to explain - kinda like "out of sight, out of mind, even though half the story revolves around this person".

Anyway, it really is a great read.  It isn't particularly realistic, but that is part of the charm of the overall plot.  Try a few chapters; you might be pleasantly surprised.

8.5/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
XACiel's avatar By on Nov 6, 2011

Skip Beat! Is a manga that I did not expect much from. The summary given did not give a very interesting inlook on the story, but once I began reading it, I couldn't stop. I'm on my fourth, (yes, fourth,) run of re-reading it, and the humor of it still makes me literally laugh and giggle at nearly every page of the adorable, quirky, hilarious spaz that Kyoko, the main character, brings into the story, as well as all the other characters. The characterization of every character in the story is amazing. Kyoko's character is so complex and yet relatable that she is quite unlike any character from an anime or manga that I've seen. She is so crazy, and wise and mature and naive all at the same time that it's hard to pinpoint exactly what she is, because she is in fact all of these things. Ren, the love interest, is at first cold and sarcastic towards her, which isn't rare at all to see in a manga. What's different with Ren is that he doesn't get caught up instantly in love with Kyoko, he battles with himself, and is his own character, rather than a generic sarcastic-bad-boy love interest. The characters in Skip Beat! (and there's a plethora of them) are all so wonderfully made that they make the story interesting when the romance in the story develops slowly. Unlike most, Skip Beat!'s man protagonist is not ultimately focused on love. I fact, she refuses to allow herself to be in love until about 120+ chapters in. Instead she focuses on her revenge of her childhood friend, Sho, and creating her career as an actress to achieve her revenge. The manga is so long, that you become attached to every character and when the romance does start, you are completely and 100% intrigued and hooked. The only bummer, is that the chapters are so slow to be released, that once you get to the newest release point, you have to wait agonizingly long to know what happens next. But it's worth it, and I HIGHLY suggest reading this manga!

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
10/10 overall