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Tokyo Crazy Paradise

Tokyo Crazy Paradise

After the death of her parents, Tsukasa turns to her classmate Ryuji, a yakuza boss, for shelter and a job. Ryuji is generally grave, but purposefully indebts Tsukasa to him so that she has to keep working for him, and he can keep his friend near him. Tsukasa is a simple-minded girl who desperately searches for money to pay off her debts to Ryuji. To make money, she takes on suspicious jobs in addition to being Ryuji's bodyguard, but always ends up in trouble. Ryuji and Tsukasa take turns saving each other as they fight together against the spread of dangerous drugs and weaponry that would destroy Tokyo even more than it has already degraded.

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ndngrl14 ndngrl14 says...

They both are written by the same author, so the drawings/humor would be similar. The stories have there own way of going. In both, the main character undergoes amazing transformations which make you want to see more.

pokopori pokopori says...

If you are interested in strong female leads, either one of these should be exactly what you're looking for.

Both TCP and SB feature strong female leads that contrast from the typical weak women in manga.  They both have a temper and can kick some major butt.  If you like girl power, try one of these.

daysie1234 daysie1234 says...

Same author, and the characters feel similar. Both of these stories are very fun reads with suspenseful story arcs and love triangles that keep the pages turning! Definite must reads!

Rebkkah Rebkkah says...

Given that they share an author, the art and homour is very similar between these two. Whilst the romance develops in a different way, this aspect is also similar.

The stories themselves are very different with TCP being more of an action story and SB being more of a drama, they still share the underlying theme of a girl striving to find herself while falling for the guy that always seems to be there when she needs him most.

Personally, I love this author and would recommend both of these stories to everyone that enjoys a good romcom.

asfjklfasdjklfs asfjklfasdjklfs says...

Tokyo Crazy Paradise and Skip beat are written by the same author. In fact it's interesting to read Skip Beat and then read TCP because you can see how the author's artistic style has changed with time. Both are hysterically funny at times, and have good senses of adventure and an interesting story. Romance is a heavy element in both, but not the sole purpose of the manga. Good mangas, both of them.

Cat Street

Cat Street

Keito Aoyama was a famous child actress until a traumatic event occurred, causing her to retire early. Afterwards, she refused to attend school and successfully shut out all of the people around her. Now, Keito has chosen to spend her days alone, until one day she meets a man who takes her to El Liston, a free school for people like Keito who don't fit in anywhere else. As Keito attempts to overcome her past, she learns to confide in others and befriends Rei, Kouichi, and Momiji. Will her friends be able to help her in this new stage of her life at El Liston, or is it already too late for Keito to start over?

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pokopori pokopori says...

If you like either Skip Beat or Cat Street, you should definitely give the other a try.

Both mangas deal with acting (while CS focuses a lot more on the relationships of the female lead; SB focuses a bit more on professional acting than CS).  Both mangas offer in depth relationships between the female lead and their surrounding people.  While SB is more comedic and upbeat, CS offers a more emotional side of the story.

Both are diamonds in a dozen so give them a try, you won't be disappointed!

wolfangel87 wolfangel87 says...

As acting plays an iatrical role in Cat Street and Skip Beat the two series blend in a multitude of ways as the heroines light up the stage trying to reveal their skills and power. The two mangas focus on relationships between the female leads and the other characters who help her along her way.

kawiiaho kawiiaho says...

the main characters in both skip beat and cat street are upcomming popular actress. a group of people support them from behind. They both fall in love unexpectedly with the people close to them and their stories are both interesting. XD

Rebkkah Rebkkah says...

They both deal with the personal and professional journey of young woman with emotional issues. The lead characters are similiar in that they are both naturally gifted actresses with poor social skills and strange personalities. The male leads are also similar in that they come off as uncaring but always seem to be there to help out.

moonsy89 moonsy89 says...

It's similar in the essence that both manga is about the failure and success in showbusiness world. The heroine in both manga are similar in a way. They both got back on their own feet and moved on despite of their daunting traumatic past.

Voice Over! Seiyu Academy

Voice Over! Seiyu Academy

Hime Kino's dream is to one day perform voice acting like her hero, Sakura Aoyama, from the Lovely Blazer anime. So getting accepted to the prestigious Hiragi Academy's voice actor department is the first step in the right direction! But on her first day of class she meets Sakura's grouchy son, Senri, who tells Hime that her voice is awful and Lovely Blazers is stupid. Hime will not let that stand unchallenged. She'll show everyone that she IS a voice-acting princess, whether they like it or not!!

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closetanimefan closetanimefan says...

Both manga are about aspiring actors who are better at it then they first appear. Both have a nice spice of romance and dash of comady. Despite their simiarities, they are unique enough that each felt like they had their own well develped story line. I really enjoyed both of these manga, and I think if you're a fan of one you will be a fan of the other. 

Chairrypie Chairrypie says...


- both are shoujo romances

- both involve girl getting into showbiz and become really god at it(seiyuu ka - voice acting, skip beat - acting)

- both are really funny

- both involve them initially hating the love interest but grow to respect and admire them then grow to love them

- both involve a temporary love triangle (and it's the type that's not annoying because you already know the other guys gonna lose because the female lead's not the indecisive type)


- Seiyuu ka is complete, skip beat is ongoing (monthly updates)

- Seiyuu ka has gender bender (Mc disguises as a boy)

- Skip beat has more drama while seiyuu ka seems to have a lighter theme

julianabrito12 julianabrito12 says...

Both caracter are beginners in the media but put the best effort in becomming a good actress.

Besides both magas are about taking a bad situation and using it to improve themselfs and never give up.

Both have a strong willied female lead, what makes the manga very intersting!!

PhantomHeart PhantomHeart says...

If you really enjoyed more of the enertainment view of the manga Skip Beat, then you might like this one too! Both mangas go through adventures in the entertainment world. And if you want more of that school girl love action that Skip Beat slightly lacked. Then say no more! Seiyuu Ka-! Is one choice that you'll love!

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School is a prestigious private academy where money and status count for everything. Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student at the elite school, and is appalled by the lazy attitude of the rich and powerful students towards their studies. The Host Club is a clear example of this: a group of six attractive and wealthy boys spend their time entertaining the female pupils for a profit. When Haruhi accidentally breaks a ¥8,000,000 vase belonging to the club, they force her to work off her debt as one of the club's members; and to do so, she must masquerade as a boy! Can Haruhi keep her gender a secret from the club's exclusive clients?

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Inustar Inustar says...

Both mangas have a truly crazy sense to their humour and both have very strong female leads that don't fall into the stereotypical idea of a heroine only looking for love. They both have good looking guys as well for the lovers of shoujo stories.

wolfangel87 wolfangel87 says...

Skip Beat and Ouran High School Host Club both have stronge female characters where the people around them look up to them.  They also both have a great deal of comedic aspects to the plot and shoujo romance throughout.

SevenArcadia SevenArcadia says...

Both feature strong female protangonists, humor, exciting characters, and spicy story-lines. 

The One

The One

Cane Lele was born into the fashion industry. Her mother, Ye Fei Yi, was Taiwan's top model, and her father was also a model, until a tragic airplane crash left Lele without parents. Therefore, it is no surprise that Lele hates the industry, thinking it superficial and unnecessary. Raised by her maternal grandmother, Lele reaches seventeen before she is sucked in by her mother's sister, Ye Fei Hong, a fashion model agent. Lele had been adverse to the whole idea, until she sees a photo shoot of popular American model Angus Lanson, and she begins to see modeling as an art form. When Aunt Fei Hong's magazine editor invites Angus Lanson to a meeting of all the top fashion ambassadors, Lele is invited to meet him and is very curious. She does not know that Angus' twin elder brother, Eros Lanson, is secretly accompanying his brother. This obviously leads to confusion and is the start of a charming story of Lele's goals: fashion in NYC, becoming a top model, and love?

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MariJine MariJine says...

The main appeal in these two mangas is that they both delve into worlds the average person would not otherwise experience. "The One" deals with Lele's struggles in the intimidating yet alluring fashion industry while "Skip Beat" explores Kyoko's difficulties in the world of acting.

In retrospect, the former contains a somewhat darker and more mature subject matter. (The mental struggles of death and manipulation faced by Lele, Eros and Angus; as well as implicit sexual content) Nevertheless, both mangas contain instances of comedy, romance and intriguing graphic detail especially in expressing emotions.

In terms of character development, the reader will find that the heroines of both series share a persevering yet naive personality since they are both newcomers to their professions. Lele and Kyoko are both generally open minded, optimistic and stubborn to succeed. Regarding their male counterparts, there is a striking similarity between Tsuruga Ren the mysterious, cold and yet kind love interest, and Eros; and Fuwa Shou and Angus, famous flirts.

Baebaeclc Baebaeclc says...

Both of these manga feature strong, fierce, and determined young women that are also very comical.  The target of their romances also seem the same and at first both women think of the men as tyrants when they first meet them but eventually love devolops.  In skip beat Kyoko is trying to climp the latter to reach the top of her acting career while in The One Lele is trying to Become a super model and both also have the intentions of trying to "get back at someone" or "prove they can beat someone" then later motivations change..... both are EXTREMELY awwsome reads if you have read one then you surely have to read the other

SnoAngl2 SnoAngl2 says...

they both deal with a young girl whose passion for modeling grows along the way. There's laughter, a destined love, and also heartache. While the protagonists are different--Skip Beat's protagonist can be more terrifying and "plain" while The One's protagonist is more optimistic and "angelic"--you support them through all their heartaches.

Skip Beat! is more for all ages (my youngest brother is reading it) while The One has more mature themes.

If you liked one, YOU WILL LIKE THE OTHER! :)