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Shoujo Nemu

Shoujo Nemu Cover Image
  • Vol: 1; Ch: 10
  • 1996
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Nemu is an extremely timid girl whose habit of zoning out when people are talking to her leads others to believe she's a bit dim. But the girl has an extraordinary gift for drawing and an intense drive to become a mangaka - if only she could find the courage to show professionals her work. In her quest to become a shoujo mangaka, Nemu befriends Goro Kimura - an obscure and jaded manga artist who recently returned from Tokyo, bored of his old life of booze and babes. Despite their disparate personalities, the two bond over their shared passion for stories.

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Hirosuke KIZAKI Artist
Hirosuke KIZAKI Author

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Manga Synopses I Wrote AirCommodore 67 Nov 7, 2012
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Kiro Aso is an astounding artist who spends her days cooped at home or in art club room, avoiding all contact with others – especially boys. Rei Kashino is a popular motorcycle enthusiast who seems to have it all: looks, personality, and an endless supply of hot babes throwing themselves at him. When the two cross paths one day by chance, no one could have suspected how close these polar opposites would grow to be, or just how many obstacles their love would have to overcome...

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Shoujo Nemu isn't a romance, and is far more understated than Mars, but the pair of main characters from each is extremely alike. The female lead is shy and withdrawn, but is a talented artist. The male lead is really rough around the edges, and has a speckled past. However, despite their opposite personalities, they get along swimmingly. If you liked this character dynamic in one, you may enjoy it in the other.