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Sho Nuff I Do

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Kingo was once part of the Blues club in college; music was his life and he liked nothing more than listening to his favorite artist, Blues legend Elmore James. Now, after a six-month absence, it’s time for him to hang up his guitar, get a haircut and join the real world. Alongside his friends he prepares to become just another ‘cog in society’ by saying goodbye to his former life of music, old flames, and Elmore James.

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Naoki YAMAMOTO Artist
Naoki YAMAMOTO Author

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Me and the Devil Blues

Me and the Devil Blues

Down in the Mississippi delta, RJ has a stable life and loving wife, but what he really wants is to play the blues better than anyone around - a dream he'd be willing to give up just about anything to attain. One night at the juke he hears a rumor that if a man stands at the crossroads at midnight and plays a song, the devil will appear and transform him into an expert bluesman in exchange for his soul. Later, in a drunken stupor, RJ accidentally does just that, dooming his happy life. With nothing to return to, he sets off on the road where he'll face gangsters, a small prohibition town determined to lynch him, and the devil himself.

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If you read Sho Nuff I Do because you thought it would be about blues/blues musicians and were very disappointed, allow me to point you towards Me and the Devil Blues. It's a fictionalized account of legendary bluesman Robert Johnson's life, set in the Mississippi Delta during the 30s, and is fantastic.