Shishunki no Iron Maiden

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Sweet Poolside

Sweet Poolside

A shy boy with a slender build and smooth skin meets a girl in the middle school swimming club. Due to an embarassing accident, the girl with a certain esthetics problem seeks his help. How will these students who struggle with similar yet converse problems fit together?

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JAhU JAhU says...

In both manga main male and female characters share a secret and the secret is (possibly) embarrassaing something related to the female lead. The boy helps her out in her trouble (and it leads to a crush on her or maybe he had it from the start), but it's equally (if not more) embarrassing to him. As to the secret itself, in Sweet Poolside the girl has large amounts of body hair in various places, but Shishunki no Iron Maiden she gets a period... a freaking Witchblade period, which involves transforming into a Witchblade (don't ask). Due to similar setup, if you liked one, you might actually like the other one too.