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The best manga I've ever readby AoKirisaki

Here's a list of my all time favourite titles.

♥ Favorite Manga ♥ (So far)by XxJulietXx

Really Good - Reads || Some are even better then the Anime 。◕‿ ◕。

Favourite Shoujo manga listby Shinayda

You Could Say They're Ranking But Some Aren't And Some Doesn't Have A Description Yet I'll Try my best To Put all

Best Shoujo Mangaby Ponytaaaaaaa

This list has all my favorite shoujo manga that will be enjoyed by any cuteness lover. Give them a chance and you won't regret it.

My Top 9 Shoujo Mangaby LuckyShila

If you Love a Good Romance/Comedy I Recommend These Great Series :)