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Shin Angyo Onshi

Shin Angyo Onshi Cover Image
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Munsu is an Angyo Onshi - an arbiter for the country of Jushin. Fighting evil is all he knows, but since Jushin has recently collapsed, what is he fighting for? Wandering from place to place, Munsu finds himself battling those who would further destabilize the country, whether they be arms dealers, smugglers, tyrants, or necromancers. Accompanied by a female warrior named Chun Hyang and able to call upon the strength of a ghostly legion with his Angyo Onshi powers, Munsu sets out to help those who are willing to take a step towards helping themselves, and bring justice against all that is evil in the world.

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Manga Relations

Manga Name Year Relation Type More Info
Shin Angyo Onshi Gaiden 2007 Side Story
Name Role
Kyung-Il YANG Artist
In-Wan YOUN Author

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Shin Angyo Onshi harshrox2 9.8/10 Jan 30, 2014
Shin Angyo Onshi Hevn 9.5/10 Jan 18, 2012
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Top Favourites (Manga) saintcross 12 Jul 27, 2011
favorited mangas Insanity666 17 May 31, 2011
Top manga list RurouniKen 2 May 29, 2011
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Born beneath the gallows tree from which his dead mother hung, Guts has always existed on the boundary between life and death. After enduring a terrible childhood, he spends his adulthood in brutal combat, pitting his strength against others in order to build his own. Life is simple enough for Guts until he meets Griffith, the inspirational, ambitious, and beautiful leader of the mercenaries, the Band of the Hawk. When Guts loses to Griffith in a duel, he is forced to join the Band of the Hawk, and, despite himself, finds a sense of camaraderie and belonging amongst them. However, as Griffith leads his soldiers from victory to victory, the bloody wars and underhanded politics reveal a side to him that nobody quite expected. Very soon, what seems like a straightforward march for conquest becomes a harrowing struggle for humanity and life itself. Can Guts, a simple warrior, defend those who have come to mean the most to him, all the while struggling not to lose to the darkness he has carried with him his entire life?

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Shin Angyo Onishi and Berserk both revolve heavily around a man who is trying to start a war and take over all that is good.  In Berserk, Griffith is starting a war with every creature imaginable and Gatts seems to be the only man who realizes evil's intentions.  While Munsu has to face a likely foe, trying to take over the world with some sick awesome creatures.

Both Munsu and Gatts are very serious men who have one goal, rid evil and their arch enemy, who once were friends.  Gatts with his incredible strength and Munsu with his medallion destroy all in their path.  Both have to fight treacherous wars where humanity is at stake.  Creative and eye-opening artwork depict just how harsh their times were.  Many more similarities with these two mind-blowing mangas but ill leave the rest for you readers to find out.


both have gore theme magical world female copanion here less dark story is in bits like that of wandering swordsmen but in berserk story is on another level and com as a whoesome pack




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Both the main characters in this manga's have only one goal, killing the person/demon who made them suffer (killing parents/losing the one they love/friends) Together with two "friends" they travel to complete their tasks. Although they think that they know everything it seems that a lot of secrets will be revealed about their relations with their sworn enemy. Also both manga's take place in a world where demons and human are enemies.

Superior has more humor and Shin Angyo Onshi has more gore and a more complicated story but both stories have the same plotline.