Vol: 1; Ch: 6
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The sexy demon Mako has been sent from the demon world with an ultimatum mission from her father: bring him the "Supreme Soul," or else! However, getting the "supreme soul" proves to be a lot more problematic than Mako ever imagined as her friends fight back and a group of rival demons show up...

source: MU

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thor123 Oct 25, 2015
Score 3.8/10

MEH. That's the only thought crossing my mind right now, after reading Shikotama. I saw it was a short manga, being only 6 chapters, and thus I decided to just give it a try. Unfortunately, this is actually the greatest flaw of this manga: it's way too short, making the story a fast-paced mess even though the premise sounded interesting enough for me. After all, a sexy demon girl who has trouble... read more



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