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Shibatora Cover Image
4.367 out of 5 from 81 votes
Rank #376

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alyon Stalled     not rated
aznpandaoo Stalled 15   not rated
cidel Stalled   4 not rated
Graulin Stalled     not rated
Greannmhar Stalled     not rated
HaruZenaki Stalled   32 not rated
hilotaka Stalled 4   not rated
holyfuture Stalled 15   not rated
IloveANIME26manga Stalled     not rated
MelAshford Stalled 15   3.5 star rating
Mondschatten Stalled   4 3 star rating
Omanacent Stalled   44 not rated
sothis Stalled   56 4 star rating
spoonman Stalled   40 not rated
wanderer13 Stalled     not rated