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Quality Fap Materialby Yakoz92

What can you expect from this list? Simple: quality ecchi manga. Quality means that I feel like they're not just HD tits 24/7, but they're somewhat interesting plot-wise (and you can't resist fapping to them). If you don't see titles that you...

Licensed in Englishby Yakoz92

List of completed and ongoing manga and light novels that are licensed in English (it can cover US and UK).

Favourite Mangaby TheDarkestHour

Thank God for an amazing app on my phone that has unlimited supplies of manga for free ^-^ Ordered alphabetically, other than that they're in no other order.

Top 25 list Mangaby YamiNiisama

My top 25 list for manga :3

my top fav manga listby Promet

the breaker - including ongoing series 'the new waves' - the only manga (actually, it's manhwa though) to have me stay the night reading instead of sleeping id is coming somewhat slowly this year (2013) but still its an another great...

Top 10 Mangaby TheMulchmeister

My current top 10 Manga series.