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Sakura-Gari Cover Image
4.099 out of 5 from 82 votes
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Yuu WATASE Artist
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Title Author Score Date
Sakura-Gari Nocturnalgloria 9.5/10 Jul 18, 2013
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Other Favorite Manga (not in order) stormyclouds 29 Mar 12, 2014
Underrated Manga SSailorSScoutSS 19 Oct 22, 2013
property list kotorichan 15 Nov 23, 2011
KiddVicious read Sakura-Gari at 3 of 3 volumes
Sakinu is reading Sakura-Gari manga at 1 of 3 volumes
Sakinu is reading Sakura-Gari
OKkuammiei read Sakura-Gari at 3 of 3 volumes
tatiiz02 wants to read Sakura-Gari

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Tantei Aoneko

Tantei Aoneko

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Decadent yaoi with an historical setting and dark overtones: Sakura-Gari and Tantei Aoneko combine all this along with highly detailed artwork. Crime, taboo themes, moral corruption and a twisted ambience where wealth and degeneration go hand in hand, a unique combo that makes these titles a perfect match. For fans of disturbing storytelling at its finest.