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Saitama Chainsaw Shoujo

Saitama Chainsaw Shoujo Cover Image
2.754 out of 5 from 139 votes
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Fumio is a woman scorned. She’s alienated from her dear friend Kaoruko, but more importantly the love of her life, Takumi, appears to have fallen for a new transfer student at school. Upset and realizing that she can’t live without him, she does the only logical thing: she gets her chainsaw, builds up her resolve, and goes to kill both him and herself...

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Kagura UGUISU Artist
Hiroshi SAKURAZAKA Author

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Title Author Score Date
Saitama Chainsaw Shoujo Cululush 7.5/10 Oct 13, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
My Fav Manga Ever HattoriBattousaiUkyo 26 Mar 24, 2011
Did Good - Read_* Kandyy 39 Oct 26, 2009

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As a child, Mondo Fujieda reached out to a quiet, solitary girl named Izayo Gorugo. Rumored to have a family of assassins, everyone believed Izayo to be a weird liar, except Mondo; so one day on a field trip, he offered her a piece of candy - a piece of candy which promptly caused her to vomit. Swearing to kill him one day, Izayo moved away; and over the years, Mondo became a proper delinquent. Now, in high school, Mondo is surprised to see Izayo back in his life as a transfer student - and she's ready and willing to make good on her promise. With a gang of thugs to back him up, Mondo will do whatever it takes to keep his life intact, much to his dismay!

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Lead girl, check. School setting, check. Interesting weapons of choice for a school setting, check. Both are hilariouly entertaining shorts that will make you turn the page so fast to see what happens next. Revenge is always an interesting thing in Japan.

Kare no Satsujin Keikaku

Kare no Satsujin Keikaku

Yasuhiro Takagi could have been an average seventeen-year-old high school sophomore, but recently he's decided that he wants the experience of killing somebody. With meticulous detail he ponders how and when the event will take place. Should he pick a stranger or someone close to him? A yakuza to help society, a celebrity, someone old or young? And above all else, what will people think of him when he does it?

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These two short manga treat death and murder like a normal, everday thing. The nonchalant and offhand fashion of the characters is pretty disturbing. However, the quality of the endings really differentiate these manga ("KnSK" has a much better ending than "SCS"). Otherwise, they would be very similar.