Sailor Moon

Alt titles: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Vol: 18
4.177 out of 5 from 1,376 votes
Rank #1,016
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A thousand years ago, The Dark Kingdom, led by Queen Beryl, attacked the Moon Kingdom. Utterly ravaged, Serenity, the Queen of the Moon, sent the souls of her daughter Princess Serenity, the members of her court, her lover and her guardians to Earth to be reborn. One thousand years later, the Dark Kingdom returns and begins to steal energy to wake its own dark Queen Metallia. Sensing that evil forces are nearby, Luna, a guardian of the princess, finds the bumbling and lazy Tsukino Usagi and awakens the soldier within her known as Sailor Moon. While they battle evil and search for the other sailor senshi, Sailor Moon must learn how to be brave, gain strength and search for the Moon Princess!

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ElyOfIce's avatar by ElyOfIce on Nov 12, 2012
Score: 9.5/10

   Sailor Moon, the godmother of all Maho Shojo manga and puny old me is the first to review it? How the heck does something like this happen?     Anyone who is not familiar with the story of Usagi and the Sailor Soldiers should get off Anime Planet. Now. Your presence is not desired here. Shoo with all your... read more

apoc9's avatar by apoc9 on Jan 16, 2014
Score: 8/10

Sailor Moon is classic story in the world of anime/manga. It is quite interesting fantasy/mahou shoujo manga. In some ways the manga is better than anime. Story 8/10 The most important thing in Sailor Moon is that manga is quite different from the anime story wise especially the final sailor stars arc - IMHO much better than in anime. The most distinct difference is romance dimension. The romance is much more... read more

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