Rozen Maiden

Vol: 8; Ch: 43
3.882 of 5 from 540 votes
Rank #2,889
Rozen Maiden

Shut away in his room, the reclusive Jun only manages to find entertainment by ordering bizarre items from the Internet and returning them before the grace period ends. One day he receives a mysterious suitcase that contains a beautifully crafted doll, and upon winding it up Jun is astounded to find that not only does she talk but also he has the ‘honor' of becoming her servant! The doll is called Shinku and she is the fifth of the Rozen Maiden - a group of seven legendary dolls who just happen to be involved in a battle with each other. This fight is known as the Alice game; the single victorious doll shall earn the right to become Alice and stay by their creator's side. While hesitant to fight, Shinku recruits Jun as her medium, and together the two begin to learn to battle side by side. However, they'll have their work cut out for them, as the first Rozen Maiden, Suigintou, is hell-bent on becoming Alice...

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nope Jun 29, 2011
Score 6/10

Ok so I found this manga laying around my house recently and since I don't actually have any manga I decided to read it and it was bad, so bad that I just accidentially tried typing out bad in Japanese because it made me deluded enough to forget what language I am speaking Anyway the manga is about some sad nerd faggot who just reads his computer all day on anime websites reading and writing his opinions on... read more

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