Rosario to Vampire



Mataro's avatar By Mataro on Feb 20, 2010

This manga is really great.

The hole story is based on Tsukune Aono's (human) entry at a school made for monsters.His actions and the friendship bonds he created with some other characters (mostly female) will get him involved in a bunch of different situations,which generally make the manga even more interesting

The plot is pretty much the same as the anime  (which came after the manga) and actually contains more stuff,which in my opinion had to be in the anime series.

The characters are very well designed,but not flauless.The same goes for the hole art thing.

This is a must read manga in my opinion,the reasons are simple:

Funny at times


VERY interesting

better and longer plot than the anime series

These are pretty much the reasons I can think of right now.Finally it is your own taste that determines your final impression

9/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
xxSilencexx's avatar By xxSilencexx on Apr 7, 2011

Okay Manga review time!!!

Lets begin simple, there will be no comparison to the Anime version of this manga, because in short, the Anime version sucks, it's loaded with fan-service and the story is weak, the manga on the other hand is something else.


An average male student with no powers what-so-ever, under the pressure of not being able to find a high school to attend (based on the fact he failed all the entrance exams) finds hope in a mysterious boarding school. However on arrival he finds that it is a school for monsters under the guise of humans, so that they may assimilate into human society.

The average male then, because of his utter uselessness, becomes the centre of attention of numerous monsters drawn to his because of his humaness.

Essentially that is the start, however it takes it up to a whole new level bring in quick, fast-paced plots that build up each of the main character's personality, dappling it with romantic moments between the outstanding combination of Tsukune and Moka. Every other 'main' character is used as padding and to help draw out the eventual pairing of the two, this is the manga's running gag.

Through unique characters and fast-paced story telling, this works exceptionally well.


Beautiful... Akihisa Ikeda's art is simply mind-blowingly great, the character's look amazing and the scenes are nice. The best part I found reading the manga was the art, though it pales in comparison to Takeshi Obata (That's Death Note and Hikaru no Go) it clearly captures the beauty of the females that is implied through the manga. The males also look quite outstanding especially with the events that take place in Book 6 onwards (I ain't spoiling anything :P) where Tsukune looks absolutely brilliant. Through the series Akihisa-san's art improves -a brilliant prelude to what awaits in Rosario to Vampire Season II- and makes reading the manga a journey not just entertainment.


I Loved all the characters, especially how they were conveyed and their personailities. The shy, stalker Mizore, is great for random laughs, especially when she appears out of the most unusually places. The succubus Kurumu is great and brings complication between our leading lady Moka and Tsukune. Yukari the pratically loli character of the series, who aside from original thoughts develops quite well. But all those aside, Moka is a great character, almost perfect (in my opinion) yet human enough to be able to understand her, she clearly loves Tsukune however find it akward to confess as it seems she could confused to wether she loves him or his BLOOD. Tsukune is a great main character, empathy, strength and courage are Tsukune's standing points, excpet he is a little clumsy with his emotions (which is too be expected). The antagonists of the series are all really unique and make the series enjoyable to read. Their original forms are also great, bring in various myth and legends into their creation.


Rosario to Vampire is in simple a great manga with great visuals, interesting and humourous story and lovable characters. Even though it is an ecchi it has amazing emotion cause the reader to laugh, get annoyed and feel suspense all in one volume. I'd highly recommend this manga to anyone who wants something that takes a dry genre (ecchi -after awhile it just seems the same-) and adds an interesting spin on it.



8/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
mangaislife's avatar By mangaislife on Nov 13, 2010

Premise - A human stuck in a monster school falls in love with a vampire.

Plot Exposition - It's almost like this chapter is identical to the last one!

Protagonist - I can't criticise him, merely because he's not a character. He has no personality, nothing interesting about him, he's just...nothing. When he becomes something he's really just there for coexistence speeches after he pounds the heck out of some baddy.

Love Interest- What might have been an interesting character turns into a stupid monster-killing machine very quickly.

Supporting Cast - A bit more interesting than the two leads. And by that I mean they have a possible personality.

Romance- This is cheesy and poorly done.

Action - This is poorly done.

Comedy - Oh look, an overused ecchi joke that's not funny.

Tragedy - YES!

Story -The pacing's okay, but it's repetitive and it just is terrible. It's inconsistent and incredibly cheesy, but not in the good way. Often becomes painful to read.

Characters -Ah yes, the crucial element of manga. Or, in this case, the excuse for ecchi.

Art - It's good. Doesn't match the narrative at all, but it is good.

Recommended? - NO NO NO NO NO NO.

1/10 story
6/10 art
1/10 characters
2.6/10 overall
Melodux's avatar By Melodux on Jun 12, 2011

I've been wanting to review this manga for a while, and I finally got around to doing it. I usually go pretty in-depth with my reviews, but this review is probably going to be pretty short because I realize how much I hate this manga...

Story: Look, it was a great idea, and it could've gone somewhere nice. But the reasons for the story advancing were all the same! The main character gets attacked by all these monsters because they can't believe that the main character is "with" one of the hottest girls in school. That's basically what every chapter was about. Not to mention all the action was the same as well, Tsukune either pulled the rosary off of Moka, and Moka was then allowed to kick the enemy {which I found to be TERRIBLE character development, and insulting on the powers of a vampire and the "high and mighty" status the manga gives vampires. All they can do is kick and mooch blood off of humans? Lame}. OR, Tsukune uses the vampire blood that Moka gives him, and rips the enemy apart {don't even get me started on this one, no matter how many times they said "don't use it, you'll die," stupid Tsukune did, and NEVER DIED}.

Another terrible plot element in Rosario + Vampire was that the same people kept coming back to cause the main cast trouble. After the art teacher in the beginning {who, evidently, comes back in the end, surprise surprise}, the reader {and the cast} should've known NOT TO TRUST THE STAFF. A majority of their enemies were teachers or testosterone-ridden students. When the writer decided to do something different, and throw in a school gang, the members' abilities weren't different at all, making all of the fights {shockingly} the same. The manga artist didn't even try to make them LOOK different monster-wise, either.

There were absolutely no plot twists in the manga. And when I say that, I mean that everything that happened was completely predictable, you saw EVERYTHING coming. Except for the end, which I'll get to in a minute. When the manga DOES decide to pick up some better plot, it's towards the end. And I feel like the plot-full part should've been in the middle, to let the author's creative juices continue to flow. I think the author didn't know what they were doing, and didn't budget their time well, because there was no development until the last volume or so, and the ending was so short and just -- CUT OFF! Literally, the resolution happened in all of about a chapter. It was like; "oh, everyone go home, there's damage that no one can help with cleaning up. And there will be busses to the human world for whatever reason" *Tsukune skips on home, and of course, all the girls that don't know how to keep their legs shut follow* "you somehow got this letter in the human world, you stayed at home for half a day, but you can come back now." Tsukune: "Oh, I'm not going back." Everyone else: "kbye." THE END.


Art: I DO have to give the artist some credit, because I know that some of those buildings, monsters, and buff characters are hard to draw. But SERIOUSLY? Vary-it-up a bit! The characters didn't look any different aside from their hair and their breast size.


Characters: Even though Tsukune was the main character, you knew NOTHING about him. Aside from the fact that he wanted in Moka's pants. Hey played Good Guy Greg, but you never knew any motive behind it besides MOKA. Honestly? If a girl was putting me through THAT much crap, she would NOT have been worth it. Most of the main cast of girls had a sole motive of Tsukune. Which is the definiton of Harem, I know, but they didn't really go after the guy in unique, characteristic ways. I think that there were too many "creepy" characters in there, as well. "Creepy" is usually paired with mysterious, and that's OK, but after about 2, I think you're just getting lazy with character development. I'm not sure if any of you know about the whole "closed-eyed characters" thing, but they're supposed to be wise, smart, and know everything. The teacher that had her eyes closed seemed to be the most apathetic and ignorant one of all...


This manga is only good for bad fanfiction and a spark for tentacle rape fantasies. If that's what you're looking for in a manga? Well, I could tell you some series that are a much less waste of your time and can still accomplish that for ya. Don't expect anything out of this manga. If you're thinking about reading it because it has "vampire" in the title. Don't. I only read it to see if it got any better, and it didn't. I am not moving on to the second one, nor am I interested in the anime. Good day sir.

2/10 story
2/10 art
1/10 characters
1.5/10 overall
NodeThirteen's avatar By NodeThirteen on Jul 5, 2011

Ah, the Rosario + Vampire manga... this was the first series I actually kept up with and finished reading almost as quickly as the chapers were translated. I'm really pretty glad this was my first impression of the anime world, so here's my review!

Story is... for the beginning the same as the anime. read my review of that if you want to know. Story follows a basic monter-of-the-week format up untill about chapter 4, which brings the Witch's Knoll arc, Ikeda's experimental first steps in turning his light harem comedy into a full blown shonen manga. From there the series keeps getting darker and edgier, and it is hinted the Mizore was a victim of attempted rape the previous year, with the gym teacher she had fallen in love with. Quite a nice experimental work, and the genre shit definitely wasn't pointless, paving the way for my favorite manga's conclusion. I will giv criticism for everyone who hates Rosario + Vampire: Everything was pretty predictable.

A great example of art evolution, going from simplistic, rounded designs to nicely detailed character models, Not to mention Tsukune (SPOILER) in his ghoulf/vampire form looks freaking awesome.

Character development is... less than stellar for the supporting cast, but we see great character development in the leads, Moka the Vampire and Tsukune the (SPOILER) human turned ghoul, with Tsukune going from a cowardly moron to someone who "Just doesn't know when to die!" and would strap himself with dynamite on simple order of the headmaster. Moka becomes more self-aware as the series progresses, and she (Finally!) decides that it would be best to help Tsukune and the others, and not sit in a corner and cry because she wants to be normal. Inner Moka (arguably the best, most interesting character) even ends up showing quite a bit of compassion near the end.

Overall, This is recommended for anyone new to anime and manga and anyone who... wants to read it after seeing this. The first few volumes get old fast, but it picks up around the Witch's Knoll arc and keeps getting better.

9.5/10 story
9/10 art
9.5/10 characters
9.3/10 overall