Rosario to Vampire


thor123's avatar By on Apr 18, 2015

I started reading this after seeing all the positive reviews on this manga, while only 2 reviews were negative. Well, here's a third negative review, because this was really a trainwreck.


The premise is, in short: a human accidentally gets in a school for monsters. With this kind of premise, you can get anywhere of course, and thus it can be interesting. Also, I like monsters in manga/anime, so this got me interested immediately. 

However, the story gets repetitive all too quickly: the largest part of the chapters is just about someone who is jealous/angry towards Tsukune and/or Moka, and thus they attack those two, or at least one of them. Next we get some senseless parts to the fight, until one of the two possible endings. And yes, there really are only two ways to end a fight in this manga: a) Tsukune takes of Moka's rosary, thus unleashing her powers (why are her powers sealed anyway? meh, who cares? the author doesn't, so why should you) and then she proceeds to kick the crap out of the enemy or b) Tsukune uses the powers of the vampire blood Moka injected into him. In all the different fights, these two are the only endings (except for one time, but you see that one coming as well). 

We only get one moderately interesting arc, completely with Light Yagami-ripoff! Still, this one arc is near the end of the manga, and it's still a low level for my standards.

Of course, I can't forget to mention the fact that during the story, Tsukune's harem also gradually grows. Why? Well, because having important male  characters aside from the MC is so impossible in the real world, so the author didn't bother putting in any other male characters for the MC to befriend.

So, the story is repetitive, with almost no actual plot twists (you know, twists you didn't see coming from miles away). This makes reading this manga so absolutely boring it became a task to keep reading.


- Tsukune, the average harem lead: a boring paper cardboard, who constantly nags about how important friendship is and puts himself in danger without any reason. Seriously dude, just call your super-strong girlfriend and let her do the heavy lifting instead of making her transform you into a monster! (after which he starts whining about not wanting to become a monster :/ ) Aside from this, we know next to nothing except for the fact that he's in love with Moka but is too shy to tell her.

 - Moka, his main love interest. She's one of the few characters with more than one side to her character. Problem is: the only reason for this is the fact that she has split personalities. Outer Moka is a kind girl, Inner Moka a real monster. That's more or less everything we get to know about her.

 - Kurumu, a succubus. Yeah, the type of monster she is says it all,the only thing driving her is Tsukune's d*ck. This goes more or less without saying since she's a member of the harem, but in her case it's kind of extreme.

 - Mizore, aka Tsukune's stalkster. Because just adding her to the harem was too mainstream. Again, the only thing we know is that she likes Tsukune.

 - Yukari, the loli witch. She openly says she wants a threesome with Moka and Tsukune. She's supposed to be intelligent too. In the end, the only thing she's used for is comic relief.

 - Enemies: all paper cardboards too, except for mr Light Yagami (Hokuto) and Ruby they are all just irredeemable villains. There are also other (failed) attempts to give an enemy some depth, when they confront the people from the disciplinary committee. All will be forgotten within 1 week.

 - Ruby: more or less the only interesting character, although she is hardly ever shown after her first appearance


looked a bit plain to me, but not bad either


 - although this manga has received an ecchi tag, there is hardly any ecchi content. I'm not saying that's bad, but you should know it if you want to read a real ecchi

 - there are some funny moments, for which I've given bonus points


Reading this is a waste of time. If you want vampires/monsters, an good story or interesting characters, you'd better look elsewhere.

2/10 story
6/10 art
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
Epimondas's avatar By on Apr 9, 2015

This may well be a 10 but it is so close to call.  The manga is a superb creation.  It is a mystery why the anime version short changed the manga so badly that it essentially became a completely different and far weaker story with much weaker characters and far more repetitive nonsensical actions.  The manga is way different however and is in a class all of its own.  Stan Lee would have been proud if such a manga were added to the Marvel line, it is that good.  This is one of the best mangas I have ever read it shines above most all other such creations and even gives many a Western comic and novel a good run for the money.  Few stories do such an excellent job at slowly evolving and building up characters as this one does.  It begins so innocently and gradually, the reader is at liberty to dismiss it and fold it up in the mind only to realize much later that, "OH ya".  The subtlty is sublime.  The participation of Tskunai in his own fate is grand.  He doesn't always have to depend on his monster friends, especially Mocha for every single problem.  He has is own wits, gifts, tenacity, strengths, weaknesses, and choices he can use.  Mocha is not some crutch to lean on for every rinse and repeat type single problem as seen in that silly virtually useless and pointless anime twisted up to crap version of this story.  The anime treats her like a tool to call on whenever trouble strikes and her rosary comes off.  Her character hardly changes especially her vampire form in the anime, but this is not the case by far in the manga, she does evolve.  She is a real genuine and strong yet very compelling character easily gripping the readers attention far unlike the anime version of her which actually due to the repetitive pointless over used way she is treated that it actually makes her a much weaker character in the anime.  She lacks a lot of the depth, background, and sense of trial and triumphs her life delivered her.  You get none of the detailed angles behind each of the characters revealed.  The characters have far more depth in the manga while the anime they almost seem one sided like poster cut out versions of themselves.  

You get alot more emotional twists and turns like a rollercoaster in the manga.  Each interaction with other characters takes on a story in of themselves which alone far outshine the sad attempt on television.  It is almost as gripping as any story you might get hooked to reading from start to finish in one go.  You have to seriously wonder if the idiots that made that anime ever bothered to pick up and read even a single issue of the manga it is so far different and so crappy compared to the manga.  It would be a bit like trying to make Star Wars with nothing but stop action puppets like Gumby.  Each character participates very intimately to the story.  They each have their own skills and personality evolve over time as told from such things as their own little side stories which adds great depth to the overall story.  You have to love where the story leads and how it gets there.  Tskunai becomes sort of a leader in the manga and the other friends in his group seem to adapt a bit more to his human personality.  it makes all the monsters at monster high to some degree more human.  It does an excellent job of trying to balance the strengths and weaknesses of monsters and humans and their inter relation to each other.  

There are plenty of pleasant surprises popping up in the story that to reveal it might give away too much about the manga that you should experience for yourself.  I wish the story kept going and maybe hopefully it will.  And with any luck someone will do an actual anime rather than a slop job cardboard cut out cheap crappy version of it.

10/10 story
9/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
Mataro's avatar By on Feb 20, 2010

This manga is really great.

The hole story is based on Tsukune Aono's (human) entry at a school made for monsters.His actions and the friendship bonds he created with some other characters (mostly female) will get him involved in a bunch of different situations,which generally make the manga even more interesting

The plot is pretty much the same as the anime  (which came after the manga) and actually contains more stuff,which in my opinion had to be in the anime series.

The characters are very well designed,but not flauless.The same goes for the hole art thing.

This is a must read manga in my opinion,the reasons are simple:

Funny at times


VERY interesting

better and longer plot than the anime series

These are pretty much the reasons I can think of right now.Finally it is your own taste that determines your final impression

9/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
xxSilencexx's avatar By on Apr 7, 2011

Okay Manga review time!!!

Lets begin simple, there will be no comparison to the Anime version of this manga, because in short, the Anime version sucks, it's loaded with fan-service and the story is weak, the manga on the other hand is something else.


An average male student with no powers what-so-ever, under the pressure of not being able to find a high school to attend (based on the fact he failed all the entrance exams) finds hope in a mysterious boarding school. However on arrival he finds that it is a school for monsters under the guise of humans, so that they may assimilate into human society.

The average male then, because of his utter uselessness, becomes the centre of attention of numerous monsters drawn to his because of his humaness.

Essentially that is the start, however it takes it up to a whole new level bring in quick, fast-paced plots that build up each of the main character's personality, dappling it with romantic moments between the outstanding combination of Tsukune and Moka. Every other 'main' character is used as padding and to help draw out the eventual pairing of the two, this is the manga's running gag.

Through unique characters and fast-paced story telling, this works exceptionally well.


Beautiful... Akihisa Ikeda's art is simply mind-blowingly great, the character's look amazing and the scenes are nice. The best part I found reading the manga was the art, though it pales in comparison to Takeshi Obata (That's Death Note and Hikaru no Go) it clearly captures the beauty of the females that is implied through the manga. The males also look quite outstanding especially with the events that take place in Book 6 onwards (I ain't spoiling anything :P) where Tsukune looks absolutely brilliant. Through the series Akihisa-san's art improves -a brilliant prelude to what awaits in Rosario to Vampire Season II- and makes reading the manga a journey not just entertainment.


I Loved all the characters, especially how they were conveyed and their personailities. The shy, stalker Mizore, is great for random laughs, especially when she appears out of the most unusually places. The succubus Kurumu is great and brings complication between our leading lady Moka and Tsukune. Yukari the pratically loli character of the series, who aside from original thoughts develops quite well. But all those aside, Moka is a great character, almost perfect (in my opinion) yet human enough to be able to understand her, she clearly loves Tsukune however find it akward to confess as it seems she could confused to wether she loves him or his BLOOD. Tsukune is a great main character, empathy, strength and courage are Tsukune's standing points, excpet he is a little clumsy with his emotions (which is too be expected). The antagonists of the series are all really unique and make the series enjoyable to read. Their original forms are also great, bring in various myth and legends into their creation.


Rosario to Vampire is in simple a great manga with great visuals, interesting and humourous story and lovable characters. Even though it is an ecchi it has amazing emotion cause the reader to laugh, get annoyed and feel suspense all in one volume. I'd highly recommend this manga to anyone who wants something that takes a dry genre (ecchi -after awhile it just seems the same-) and adds an interesting spin on it.



8/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
mangaislife's avatar By on Nov 13, 2010

Premise - A human stuck in a monster school falls in love with a vampire.

Plot Exposition - It's almost like this chapter is identical to the last one!

Protagonist - I can't criticise him, merely because he's not a character. He has no personality, nothing interesting about him, he's just...nothing. When he becomes something he's really just there for coexistence speeches after he pounds the heck out of some baddy.

Love Interest- What might have been an interesting character turns into a stupid monster-killing machine very quickly.

Supporting Cast - A bit more interesting than the two leads. And by that I mean they have a possible personality.

Romance- This is cheesy and poorly done.

Action - This is poorly done.

Comedy - Oh look, an overused ecchi joke that's not funny.

Tragedy - YES!

Story -The pacing's okay, but it's repetitive and it just is terrible. It's inconsistent and incredibly cheesy, but not in the good way. Often becomes painful to read.

Characters -Ah yes, the crucial element of manga. Or, in this case, the excuse for ecchi.

Art - It's good. Doesn't match the narrative at all, but it is good.

Recommended? - NO NO NO NO NO NO.

1/10 story
6/10 art
1/10 characters
2.6/10 overall