Rosario to Vampire Season II

Vol: 14; Ch: 67
4.349 out of 5 from 2,188 votes
Rank #391
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Tsukune, Moka, Yukari and the others are back, and ready for more adventures at the Youkai Academy. After hunting down a doppelganger, exposing a serial prankster and even dealing with the hassle of joining school clubs, things take a serious turn for the worse: an evil human organization threatens the sanctity of the monster haven, using an innocent girl in the process! With Moka's vampire blood now running through Tsukune's veins and a limiter keeping him from turning into a ghoul, plenty of Moka's sisters now in the picture and a conspiracy around the corner, this year at Youkai Academy will prove to be the most dangerous yet!

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ShogunAssassin's avatar by ShogunAssassin on Jun 13, 2012
Score: 9.3/10

NOTE: I am basing this review on both the first and seond seasons.  Also, NEVER EVER IN YOUR LIFE, watch the anime... it killed the story and the manga. Story: At first, the story of Rosario to Vampire seems simple and very comedic and entertaining. Poor Tsukune, who is just a normal human teenager, gets the biggest misfortune of his life when he accidentally gets enrolled into a school of monsters... read more

wolfbankai's avatar by wolfbankai on Nov 23, 2013
Score: 8/10

I stumbled upon these series when I was looking for ecchi/harem manga , I read prequel in one day and started for next one with expectations with tons of ecchi , but it offered me completely different thing and it left me off with awesomeness. Story continues where last season left it off , And they are still enjoying their everyday school life. As each chapters goes by , it gives you hint that something big... read more

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