Rosario to Vampire Season II

Alt title: Rosario+Vampire Season II

Vol: 14; Ch: 67
4.343 of 5 from 2,340 votes
Rank #421
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Tsukune, Moka, Yukari and the others are back, and ready for more adventures at the Youkai Academy. After hunting down a doppelganger, exposing a serial prankster and even dealing with the hassle of joining school clubs, things take a serious turn for the worse: an evil human organization threatens the sanctity of the monster haven, using an innocent girl in the process! With Moka's vampire blood now running through Tsukune's veins and a limiter keeping him from turning into a ghoul, plenty of Moka's sisters now in the picture and a conspiracy around the corner, this year at Youkai Academy will prove to be the most dangerous yet!

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MirroRMimi's avatar by MirroRMimi on Jun 20, 2015
Score 10/10

OH MY GOD, IF ONLY THE ANIME HAD FOLLOWED TO PLOT. JUST IMAGINE. This manga is the best thing ever. As I'm writing this I'm about to re-read the two seasons again, as it had already been over a year since it all ended. Story: Gets better and better. It starts really silly, all ecchi and love-com. Then, little by little, it gets darkier and edgier, without losing the comedy.  Art: HOLY FUCK, if you... read more

Epimondas's avatar by Epimondas on Apr 9, 2015
Score 10/10

Yes part 2 actually gets a whole lot better than part one.  There is still room for more story if they ever want to add more.  This manga is in a class all of it's own.  Few if any stories, anime, or manga pay such close attention to all classical story detail as taught in English Composition classes in America as this one does.  The ending is one of the best story endings I have ever read... read more

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