Vol: 1; Ch: 6
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Suicide is on the rise for no apparent reason, affecting adults and children alike. All they have in common is accounts in a brutal online game called Dystopia. When tragedy strikes a woman named Hitomi, she soon joins Dystopia and explores its horrors. But when she realizes the game feels a little too real, it’s up to her and a genius hacker named Shunsuke to figure out what’s really causing these deaths.

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Memitaru's avatar by Memitaru on Oct 7, 2010
Score: 9.5/10

I loved this manga. It was addicting from start to finish. The story is extremely interesting and captivating. While reading there isn't really any transition between the real world and game world which is confusing but enhances the point of the story more than anything. Was a wonderful story which was amazingly put together and I enjoyed it very much. I would have loved to more of it. read more

corkboard's avatar by corkboard on May 3, 2013
Score: 2/10

I read this based on a rave review and a love of high risk game stories.  There is no high risk game here, so don't be drawn in by that.  The connection between the game and death is tenuous at best, and never really explored.  The characters are never developed, even in a superficial way.  The manga is short (its one redeeming quality) which means they rush through the story, leaving it... read more



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